The Benefits of Steel Buildings


Are you in the market for a new building at your home or place of business? Perhaps you should consider a new steel building. Steel buildings come with a variety of impressive benefits. Besides offering appealing and modern designs, steel buildings are also known for their strength, durability and longevity, thus they can save you a lot of money.

The sustainability of steel buildings is a deciding factor for many people when choosing building material. Sustainability is measured by the amount of construction materials used, the maintenance required after construction, overall energy consumption and the lifespan of the building itself.

It is obvious to most that steel buildings have a long lifespan, but they also require fewer materials for construction and little to no maintenance throughout the years. Add to that the lower energy consumption of a steel building, and you can begin to see why steel has become a favorite construction material of contractors and builders.

Still not convinced that a steel building is right for you? You should check out the following benefits in the areas of design, construction and cost.


The traditional steel building is no more. Today’s steel buildings offer a variety of new looks and flexible designs. Without the need for many structural columns, steel buildings offer a multitude of space-saving designs that can function perfectly as large meeting areas. Some possible uses include churches, sports facilities and large commercial buildings.

Brick and stone are commonly incorporated into the metal designs to offer aesthetic beauty. Many contractors also incorporate large windows into the outer walls as a modern visual feature.


The construction of steel buildings provides a variety of environmental and financial benefits. Steel can be custom made to fit the needs of the customer, the community and the environment. In addition, the materials can be pre-fabricated offsite, reducing the overall construction time.

Steel is 100 percent recyclable. Steel buildings can be constructed with recycled materials, thus cutting down on waste and costs. Furthermore, after the building has outlived its purpose, the materials can again be recycled for new purposes.


Steel buildings require less maintenance and less repairs than buildings that are constructed from other materials. In addition, they have a longer lifespan than conventional buildings. Metal roofs also require much less maintenance when compared to other roofing materials. The average cost of constructing a steel building is much lower than buildings made out of traditional materials. Metal is fairly cheap, and steel buildings do not require as much planning and on-site construction time.

By choosing to build with steel, you are not only saving time and money; you are also protecting the environment. Home and business owners should consider steel for their next building projects to enjoy these benefits.

Jim works for a leading manufacturer of steel buildings in the US. He often writes about the advantages steel has over other building materials.

Bathroom Accessories That Will Impress

contact_black_washstand_roomset1_1For me my home is my castle. There are few couples I know that spend as much time, effort and money trying to make every aspect of our home perfect; when I say few I actually mean none. We have the clap-activated lights. We have the granite work surfaces. We have the ludicrously expensive reclining leather sofas. And we have just got the new bathroom in; it is very exciting!

We spent a lot of time looking into what makes the perfect bathroom. We found that there are trends that any upright, castle-owning citizen should follow in the creation of their bathroom masterpieces.

  • Eco-friendly feature- Save water and save energy
  • Mother Earth colours such as greys, off-whites, brows and beiges.
  • Contemporary rather than classic designs
  • Flowers, plants and wood
  • Lots of natural light streaming in
  • Feature tiles around the sinks, in the shower and on the floor
  • Save space with efficient use of storage cabinets
  • The Luxury Spa look
  • Artistic designs on walls and tiles

So we now have a contemporary spa like, nature-inspired bathroom. Now we are looking for bathroom accessories to finish it off.  We have a good idea of what we want and are searching online and offline to find the perfect pieces. We are currently looking at:

  • Glass canisters
  • Bathroom scales
  • Soap Holders
  • A free standing oval mirror
  • A woven hemp basket set
  • A wooden bath matt

We are considering a water feature of some kind. I like the idea of a water feature that you can rinse your hands in but I guess it would recycle the water and may not be too hygienic. It has to be eco-friendly or my wife would not have it! There must be some water features like this that treats the water and  replace the water every now and then. Has anyone got anything like this?

We are also considering having some artwork done on the walls. We should have planned this earlier but it is an afterthought. I have seen some bathrooms buck the trend of worrying about the damp by using framed pictures. Could be an option if we can find some that we like. I guess we would have to replace them every few years if they show signs of water damage. I am not sure if there is a way to protect pictures in bathrooms? Art can really add a bit of personalization and can surprise visitors.

I’d love to hear ideas from anyone that has a similar type of bathroom. It is always hard to generate ideas without inspirations externally. We are watching all the home improvement shows, reading the magazines but we both still feel like we are missing something. We are pretty obsessive over making our bathroom special and it is just the accessories left now.

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Phil Turner was stunned at the range of bathroom accessories that are available when he came to finish off his new bathroom. Click here to see a great range of bathroom accessories.

Residential Construction Has Never Been Hotter

image0027It’s amazing to see how the residential construction industry has improved over the years. The residential construction industry has expanded with regards to how different construction procedures are being handled. The number of permits that people are handling has increased over the years. These are values that have proven to be of interest to people and have become very interesting for all sorts of needs that people have for buying items for all sorts of different needs.

How Many Permits?

There are more residential construction permits being used than ever before. These permits include ones that allow companies to build individual homes for residential purposes.

It is estimated that in October 2012 about 850,000 new residential construction permits were endorsed. This is about a quarter more than what was used back in 2011. This is a clear sign that more places are looking to handle construction procedures these days than ever before.

This information comes from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. The organization is a part of the United States Census Bureau and the Department of Commerce. It has been taking a look at how well construction has been going on and how well different actions are being handled.

The housing starts statistics have been around the same as well. It is a sign that the procedures being used have proven to be a little more attractive and beneficial.

Where Are They Held?

The places that residential construction procedures are being handled in include parts around the southern United States for the most part. This is a big feature that shows just how prominent the south has become with regards to people relocating to the area.

It is estimated that close to half the new homes being built around the country are in the south. This is particularly the case in fast-growing markets like Raleigh, Tampa, Atlanta, Charlotte and Birmingham.

The northeastern part of the country has not experienced as many new permits.
About seventy thousand new permits were issues in the month of October 2012. The number of permits in this area has actually declined but it is still a strong number considering how valuable the construction industry is.

Are They Being Completed?

The existing construction jobs around the country have been completed for the most part. These include jobs around the country that feature single-unit homes.

It is estimated that three-quarters of a million homes were completed in October 2012 according to the same Department of Housing and Urban Development report. It is higher then estimates for both the last month and the last year. As it can be seen here, the procedures for construction continue to work well and are actually being handled as needed.

The procedures for residential construction have all been progressive and effective for everyone to handle. There are many different homes around the country that are being built and have proven to work well for all sorts of different things that can be easy to handle. This is a unique feature of the economy that proves that people are still interested in getting new homes set up.

Mary enjoys writing, and she covers lots of topics.  A few of the topics she writes about are general construction and working as an interior finish out contractor.

Difference Between a Real Estate Agent and a Real Estate Broker

     Because they are licensed, real estates brokers can open an office independently, and real estate agents work for someone who has such a license. In addition, with the required years of experience and after passing the brokers exam, an agent can acquire a brokers license. Professionals in either category can represent consumers as a buyer’s agent

In order to establish training and experience requirements and make it possible to solve any problems consumers may have when buying property, most states require those involved in selling real estate to have a state license. The terms used in identifying these professionals vary slightly from one state to another, and in most cases, a broker must have more training and experience than a real estate agent.

Working with Sellers

Real estate agents agree to sell properties after inspecting them, and to determine their market price, they compare them with similar properties in the area that are currently up for sale. Agents may also suggest improvements property owners can make to give their homes “curb appeal” and increase their Market value. After photographing these properties and writing brief descriptions of them, they advertise them in real estate brochures, special mailings and local newspapers.

Agents also conduct “open houses” that give people an opportunity to visit homes for sale and ask questions about them. When a potential buyer makes an offer on a property, an agent discusses that offer with the seller, and it is either accepted or rejected. They also frequently negotiate with the buyer to get the best possible sale price for their client.

Working with Buyers

Before showing them any properties, agents consult with potential buyers to determine the kind of homes that interest them and what they feel they can afford. Then they search an array of computer listings to find suitable properties that meet that description. When visiting these homes for sale, agents answer questions and focus on the selling points, including location, that the buyer feels are significant.

Once a buyer has chosen a property, agents assist in closing the deal. If they are working with a first-time buyer, they explain what they buying process entails, assist their clients in completing the paperwork required in making a formal offer, and collect a down payment as well. They also contact the seller’s agent, and negotiate the price of this real estate with the seller, based on the instructions their client has given them. Prior to closing, real estate agents must ensure that every specific term in the contract has been met, such as completing repairs before the new owner moves in.

What you Should Know

Since real estate agents need properties they can sell, they look for people who are prepared to take that step. At times, property owners visit a real estate office to consult with an agent, but there are many other occasions when agents have to recruit possible sellers. Consequently, they communicate with homeowners by telephone or mail to find out if they are ready to sell their home.

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This post was written by a new home owner in Milton, Ontario. He used the services of Century 21 Future Realty to find his perfect home. They have current Milton listings at or 174 Mill Street #201 Milton, ON L9T 1S2‎ (905) 875-2100.

10 Tips for Cleaning your Gutters

8a_0 (1)Gutters are a really important part of any house. They collect rain from the roof top and direct it away from the foundations of the home, so in essence keeping the basement dry. While folks are using a lot of effort trying to reduce the amount of water going into the basement by using several different sealers and electric humidifiers that are available but a well-designed gutter system is the most effective way to keep your basement free from all the rain.

Even though this is the most effective way gutters still get blocked up with all manors of sticks, dirt, leaves and alot of other rubbish.. As such, regular cleaning of your gutters is without question recommended but you’ll be happy to hear that cleaning them gutters is pretty easy. There is just one requirement first before we go any further. Are you comfortable on a ladder? The main reason why I ask is because to get to the gutters you need to climb, unless you are Spiderman you will need a ladder. Obviously!

Allow me to share some gutter cleaning tips that will make the project significantly easier-and faster:

Use the appropriate ladder – In all jobs that require a ladder, it is really important that you select the appropriate for the job that you are doing. If you are capable of using the step ladder then use that as the balance is better and you don’t need lean it on the side of the house. However, if you house is a 2 story house then you will have to use a bigger ladder. Make sure that you don’t lean the ladder against the gutter as it may break. Before climbing up the ladder make sure that it will not move at all simply because that could cause you to fall off or injure yourself.

Don’t over stretch yourself – A problem that happens frequently when people are using ladders is that they overextend themselves whilst they are cleaning the gutters. The main reason why this happens is that people are reluctant to come down the ladder and move it across to clean another part of the guttering. This can cause several problems firstly lack of balance which in turn can make the user fall of and injure themselves or strain there back because of the stretching.

Wear Gloves – Along with an appropriate ladder, it is probably best that you should wear heavy-duty work gloves. The reason for this is that the gutter it full of debris and you may cut yourself if you do not use gloves.

Wear Safety Goggles – Along with wearing gloves, you should wear safety goggles when doing rain gutter cleaning. Gutters have a tendency to collect various sticks and twigs, which makes it easy to accidentally hit your eye.

Scoop Out Debris – The best way to clean your rain gutters would be to just scoop the debris out. You can throw it on the ground and rake it up later on but this will make a huge mess but would be much easier or you can hang the bucket of the ladder and scoop it in. Once bucket is full you can come down and empty it into a bin. Sometimes, a small hand shovel will make the job go faster, especially when debris is caked onto the gutter.

Run Water Through the Gutter – After you have cleaned the gutters out, it is probably best to run water through them with a hose. This will allow you to make sure that the gutters are not still backing up. Having someone else seeking out a blockage will be easier for you.

Check Your Guttering For Any Problems – The last point isn’t the only reason why you should poor water down the guttering. Another reason is that you can see any leaks, holes or cracks in the guttering. This allows you to see what needs changing in the guttering, that’s if anything does.

Clean Multiple Times Per Year – Generally, if you clean your gutters twice per year-once in the spring and once in the fall-you can make the job go a lot quicker.

Consider A Mesh Covering – Should you be scooping out a lot of leaves from your gutters, you should consider installing a mesh cover over your gutters to keep leaves out. This will make your gutters work more efficiently as the mesh will filter out the leaves. It is an easy enhancement that is instantly helpful, although you will have to set aside a bit of time to complete the project. It is worth remembering that if you only have problems with leaves on one side of your home, you can just simply install a gutter cover on that side of the house-saving both time and money.

Make Sure Gutters Are Firmly Attached – While you are cleaning your rain gutters, you should make sure that they are firmly attached to your house. A gutter that is not properly attached might fall off or it will pull away from the house, often causing your gutter system to become either ineffective or work at a reduced level of efficiency.

Hillary Ealey is a new blogger with a keen interest in anything Home Improvements or D.I.Y. The services reviewed here are from LEAFIELD PROJECTS


How to make your roof live a longer life?

l (2)All roofs need to be built at a top quality because all roofs are exposed to rain, the blazing sun, high winds and extreme hail storms. So to avoid the roof from becoming damaged and helping it last longer. It is essential to inspect the building. I might suggest that you examine the roof on a regular basis so you can notice any change that happens and prevent it.

There are several steps which need to be followed to be guarantee your roof lives a longer life

First of all you should undertake regular inspection. The warning signs of a damaged roof in cracked slates or rust spots; the shingles are buckling, curling or blistering; and worn areas around the chimneys, pipes and skylights. Another warning sign of a damaged roof is if you find bits of grit in your guttering. Dark algae stains are just cosmetic, but masses of moss and lichen could signal roofing that’s wornout underneath. And finally just something basic that if anything is missing or has popped out then you really need to get it replaced right away.

The Second Step it is best to take is being alert and being ready.

You should check your roof a few times a year. You don’t want to check it to many times and then you don’t notice something which has happened, but you also don’t want to check it minimal amount because you wouldn’t realize if its meant to be like that. I would recommend the start of every season. Early indications of trouble include dark areas on ceilings, peeling paint on the underside of roof overhangs, damp spots alongside fireplaces, and water stains on pipes venting the water heater or furnace.

When you decide you want to plan inspection I feel you should have everything that you want to check written down so it reminds you that it needs to be done. And if you want to be very specific try a scoring system so like I do on my own roof is give it a score out of 10. 10/10 being spot on and nothing wrong with it but 1/10 being terrible and it needs to be fixed immediately.

The third step you should remove leaves from the roof

If you have a simple peaked roof surrounded by low landscaping, your roof probably stays clear of leaves on its own. But if the roof has a number of tree’s surrounding it then there will be piles of leaves probably which collect in roof valleys or near chimneys. If you don’t remove them, they’ll trap moisture and gradually decompose, allowing wind-blown seeds to take roof.

The 4th step is clearing the roof of moss.

Leaving moss growing on your roof can shorten the life of your roof drastically. Having moss on the roof during the winter causes it to react and make the shingles brittle. Moss holds moisture against the wood, speeding rot. Moss can even crack cement or ceramic tiles.

And finally if none of these steps help your roof then the only option would be to get it replaced. If you can replace it while it’s still structurally ok. It will be cheaper than getting it fixed when its caved in.

Hillary Ealey is a new blogger with a keen interest in anything Home Improvements or D.I.Y. The services reviewed here are from LEAFIELD PROJECTS


Budget Friendly Home Improvements for the Holidays

holidayTimes are tough and we may not all have the resources needed to do a full remodel before our guests make it over for the big holiday party this holiday season. Hosting a big Holiday feast with the friends and family this year? We have a few tips that can freshen up your home with a little elbow grease and a small budget

Budget Friendly Tips

  1. We are a huge proponent of real wood flooring, but vinyl floors are an affordable way for anyone to give their home an affordable makeover. It’s a great way to give your home a rich and sophisticated look, and almost anybody can install the vinyl planks themselves. Tear up your carpet, remove that ugly linoleum, and install a rich oak or maple textured floor for the holidays. This cheap flooring option can give your family room, kitchen, or hallways a new replenished look. You can take basic measurements and head over to Lowes, Home Depot, or Menards to get a quote for your project. Depending on the size of your room, you can normally get away with spending around $500 which will get you two packages of flooring planks.
  2. Give your cupboards a coat of white paint. If you are sick of looking at old, outdated, and out-of-touch cabinets then you may want to consider this option. Most likely, if you are unhappy with your cupboards you are considering project in the near future. If you paint them, that will give you a fresh look for the meantime. It will get you through the holidays and for the cost of a bucket of paint, you can give your home afresh appeal in conjunction with your new floors.
  3. Your front door is the first thing that your guests will see. A fresh coat of paint on your door may also spruce things up a bit. Think about a color that pops and stands out, but compliments the color scheme of your home. If your home is a light tan color with white trim, try a burgundy or maroon color to really set off your entry way. It is a warm Christmassy color that will really welcome your guests.
  4. Nearly every home has trim of some sort. Outlining your existing trim can really accent the lines your home. Trim inside and out can be painted to give the home a modern look. Trim on older homes looks outdated and stands out. Clean up molding or trim by painting the same color as the walls or exterior.

With a few adjustments, you can make some minor home improvements that will get you through the holidays until it’s time to make a real summer project out of it. Pete’s Hardwood Flooring has plenty of options for your wood flooring project. Save the big stuff for warmer weather and save money for the holidays by making some not-so-costly home improvements.

Benjamin Coffman has been writing and blogging for the home improvement industry with many years. He enjoys providing tips and tricks to better homes and services within the industry.

The Components and Pieces of Steel Structures

steel-building-advantagesDifferent construction projects call for a variety of different steel shapes and pieces. Each steel piece is used for a specific reason, such as structural support for exterior walls, and serves a specific purpose. The shape of the steel piece often indicates its intended use.

Steel Buildings

Commonly used for commercial, industrial and residential storage, steel buildings are large structures that are constructed almost entirely out of steel. Steel buildings are popular due to their durability, affordability and customizability. These structures can be built from scratch or purchased premade, depending on your personal preference and design needs.

Reinforced Bars

Also referred to as rebar, reinforced bars are rods that are made out of strong steel. Reinforced bars are used to add flexibility and strength to concrete structures. These rod-shaped steel pieces are inserted directly into the concrete during construction to increase the durability of the building through reinforcement. Without reinforced steel bars, concrete buildings would not withstand natural elements like wind.


Steel trusses are essential in the construction of safe bridges and towers. The steel trusses are shaped like triangles, which are inherently strong and flexible. They distribute weight evenly and effectively when placed on the structure. Vertical truss panels are a network of steel trusses that are used in the majority of modern bridge and deck designs to prevent continual weight and wind pressure from deforming the structure. Steel trusses are also used as cross-bracing supports in tall buildings and towers.

Steel Beams

Steel beams are used as the inner support for many buildings, much like the way the skeletal system provides support for the human body. Floors and ceilings are commonly constructed over steel beams, which provide strength to the structure. There are several kinds of steel beams; the primary distinguishing feature of each is the flange portion of the piece. Flanges are the upper and lower parts of the beam where the steel extends over the central support. For example, an I-beam has shorter flanges than the wide-flanged variety of steel beams.


Similar to beams and trusses, joists are pieces of steel that are used to provide strength and durability to a building. Joists are laid across girders in even rows with either anchors or hangers. A groove in each joist allows anything that is placed on top to sit flush against the surface. This feature allows for the creation of a floor or ceiling that is level.

The commonality between every shape and piece of steel material is that each adds strength and durability to a structure.

Jim has worked in the steel manufacturing industry for nearly two decades. His currently works for a company that produces components for metal buildings.

Hottest Kitchen Remodel Trends

old kitchenThe cabinets are shoddy. The counter is chipped. The floor squeaks every time you walk across it. The appliances are old. And there just isn’t enough room to cook anything.

If you have heard your spouse utter any of the above statements, then you know it’s time to remodel the kitchen. Currently, the kitchen is the one room of the house that everyone tries to involve in the renovation process, because it’s the room where imaginations run wild and people can get creative with the space to create a wonderful kitchen environment that increases the value of the home.

Kitchen trends involve every aspect of the room: from floor installation, backsplashes, appliance placement and cabinetry. Choose the trend that most fits into your particular tastes and design style.


Cabinets that have “busy” looks with intricately wrought details are out. The current trend for cabinets are cleaner, sleeker looks with hardware that is more decorative. Natural woods or clean white cabinets are on many people’s renovation wish lists.

Stainless Steel Appliances/Integrated Appliances

Stainless steel is dominating renovated kitchens because of its industrial design, high quality and easy to clean surfaces. In addition, concealed or integrated appliances are seen in more homes today. This style gives small kitchens more available counter and cabinet space.

High Tech

Kitchen renovations are entering the tech world as more families are spending time together in the kitchen. The kids do their homework on laptops. The spouse makes business calls on their smartphone. And you are catching the latest cooking shows on HD televisions. For these reasons, homeowners are adding docking stations with power cords and outlets specifically for mobile phones, tablets, televisions and laptops.


For a while, ceramic and marble tile ruled in the kitchen when it comes to floor installation. While tile flooring still holds strong, people have looked into engineered wood or hardwood as an alternative to add more warmth to the kitchen atmosphere and to match the style of wood cabinetry.

Choose The Kitchen Remodeling Trend That Works for You

Trends come and go. What was hot one year doesn’t necessarily mean it will be hot next year. So when choosing the top trends for your kitchen, pick the ones that you will love to have in your kitchen. When you love your kitchen remodel, you will still be happy with it for years to come even if it goes out of style.

Arnold Norton has experience in home repair, renovations, and improvement. Mr. Norton has published several informative blogs and articles focused on helpful tips for new and current homeowners.

Factors to Consider When Neighborhood Shopping

neighborhoodWhen choosing a house for you and your family, you must not only consider the size and layout of the house or the community. There are also other factors to take into account before making a final decision about where you should move in. Some of these factors may even have a huge impact on you and your family; thus, it is worth addressing.

The location of your home is one of the most important factors to take into consideration. The homes around your potentially new home will have a significant effect on your property’s value. For instance, if you buy an attractive house that is in a bad neighborhood, that kind of investment is not a sound one. Additionally, you do not want to buy a house on a neighborhood that is fading fast or has become unattractive to potential investors. For this reason, location is crucial. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when house hunting and neighborhood shopping.

Schools, Churches, Hospitals, and Nearby Shopping

If you have children, you may want to look into the schools around the community. You must do some research on the school district to make sure that your child will receive proper and high standard education. You must also pay attention to the cleanliness of the school and the behavior of the other students. You can also talk to other parents to get some feedback regarding the local schools.

Aside from checking out the schools, you must also look into the houses of worship within the community, hospitals, the public market, and the shopping area. It is advisable to find a neighborhood with these structures built near it. Additionally, you must also check the travel time from your house to schools, churches, hospitals, and nearby shopping malls. This will ensure that all you need are conveniently near your house.

Public Safety

When house hunting, you must thoroughly look into the neighborhood as you would your potential house. For instance, does the community have safety features, such as streetlights and sidewalks? Will your children be safe on the streets?

In addition, you must also look into the people who are living in the neighborhood, especially when you have small children since they are more vulnerable to child predators. To prevent such terrifying situation, you must look into the states sex offender registry. The registry can provide you with a comprehensive list of offenders in the area with their address.

Surrounding Community

If you have found the neighborhood that measure up to your needs and preferences, you must also look into the surrounding communities. For instance, busy roads, smelly factories, and unpleasant businesses can affect the overall quality of your home environment.

Rei Garcia offers tips and advice for choosing the right neighborhood. She also writes for home builder Moses Lake Washington companies and websites, such as