Hottest Kitchen Remodel Trends

old kitchenThe cabinets are shoddy. The counter is chipped. The floor squeaks every time you walk across it. The appliances are old. And there just isn’t enough room to cook anything.

If you have heard your spouse utter any of the above statements, then you know it’s time to remodel the kitchen. Currently, the kitchen is the one room of the house that everyone tries to involve in the renovation process, because it’s the room where imaginations run wild and people can get creative with the space to create a wonderful kitchen environment that increases the value of the home.

Kitchen trends involve every aspect of the room: from floor installation, backsplashes, appliance placement and cabinetry. Choose the trend that most fits into your particular tastes and design style.


Cabinets that have “busy” looks with intricately wrought details are out. The current trend for cabinets are cleaner, sleeker looks with hardware that is more decorative. Natural woods or clean white cabinets are on many people’s renovation wish lists.

Stainless Steel Appliances/Integrated Appliances

Stainless steel is dominating renovated kitchens because of its industrial design, high quality and easy to clean surfaces. In addition, concealed or integrated appliances are seen in more homes today. This style gives small kitchens more available counter and cabinet space.

High Tech

Kitchen renovations are entering the tech world as more families are spending time together in the kitchen. The kids do their homework on laptops. The spouse makes business calls on their smartphone. And you are catching the latest cooking shows on HD televisions. For these reasons, homeowners are adding docking stations with power cords and outlets specifically for mobile phones, tablets, televisions and laptops.


For a while, ceramic and marble tile ruled in the kitchen when it comes to floor installation. While tile flooring still holds strong, people have looked into engineered wood or hardwood as an alternative to add more warmth to the kitchen atmosphere and to match the style of wood cabinetry.

Choose The Kitchen Remodeling Trend That Works for You

Trends come and go. What was hot one year doesn’t necessarily mean it will be hot next year. So when choosing the top trends for your kitchen, pick the ones that you will love to have in your kitchen. When you love your kitchen remodel, you will still be happy with it for years to come even if it goes out of style.

Arnold Norton has experience in home repair, renovations, and improvement. Mr. Norton has published several informative blogs and articles focused on helpful tips for new and current homeowners.


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