Bathroom Accessories That Will Impress

contact_black_washstand_roomset1_1For me my home is my castle. There are few couples I know that spend as much time, effort and money trying to make every aspect of our home perfect; when I say few I actually mean none. We have the clap-activated lights. We have the granite work surfaces. We have the ludicrously expensive reclining leather sofas. And we have just got the new bathroom in; it is very exciting!

We spent a lot of time looking into what makes the perfect bathroom. We found that there are trends that any upright, castle-owning citizen should follow in the creation of their bathroom masterpieces.

  • Eco-friendly feature- Save water and save energy
  • Mother Earth colours such as greys, off-whites, brows and beiges.
  • Contemporary rather than classic designs
  • Flowers, plants and wood
  • Lots of natural light streaming in
  • Feature tiles around the sinks, in the shower and on the floor
  • Save space with efficient use of storage cabinets
  • The Luxury Spa look
  • Artistic designs on walls and tiles

So we now have a contemporary spa like, nature-inspired bathroom. Now we are looking for bathroom accessories to finish it off.  We have a good idea of what we want and are searching online and offline to find the perfect pieces. We are currently looking at:

  • Glass canisters
  • Bathroom scales
  • Soap Holders
  • A free standing oval mirror
  • A woven hemp basket set
  • A wooden bath matt

We are considering a water feature of some kind. I like the idea of a water feature that you can rinse your hands in but I guess it would recycle the water and may not be too hygienic. It has to be eco-friendly or my wife would not have it! There must be some water features like this that treats the water and  replace the water every now and then. Has anyone got anything like this?

We are also considering having some artwork done on the walls. We should have planned this earlier but it is an afterthought. I have seen some bathrooms buck the trend of worrying about the damp by using framed pictures. Could be an option if we can find some that we like. I guess we would have to replace them every few years if they show signs of water damage. I am not sure if there is a way to protect pictures in bathrooms? Art can really add a bit of personalization and can surprise visitors.

I’d love to hear ideas from anyone that has a similar type of bathroom. It is always hard to generate ideas without inspirations externally. We are watching all the home improvement shows, reading the magazines but we both still feel like we are missing something. We are pretty obsessive over making our bathroom special and it is just the accessories left now.

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Phil Turner was stunned at the range of bathroom accessories that are available when he came to finish off his new bathroom. Click here to see a great range of bathroom accessories.


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