Professional Movers – Relocation Stars


Professional movers may not be megastars, but they definitely play a major role in helping families reestablish their home in a new place. Home, after all, can be a reference to a physical residence or to those special touches that make a house a home. Pro movers pick up those family treasures and bring them to your new location to help you create a new feeling of comfort, familiarity and home.

Pro Movers Show Their Expertise in Every Move 

Professional movers are given that name for a reason. They know how to pack, lift and load household items better than anyone else. When families try to move themselves, it is all too easy to break items due to poor packing practices. Self-injury from improper moving is also unfortunately common for self-movers. Pro movers have the knowledge and skills to avoid making those mistakes.

Moving Technology Provides Safety for Homes and Households

Moving has changed over the years, and the best professional movers keep up with every innovation. New lifting tools are available that make the job safer and less tiring for the workers. Fortunately, these improvements benefit homeowners as well. The pro movers are fresher and more capable of moving heavy objects without damaging them or the house you are leaving behind.

Moving and Social Media Go Together Nicely

Social media has a full range of benefits for both homeowners and professional moving companies. Homeowners can interact with moving companies before they even get ready to hire. They can learn both from the company’s informational posts and from posts put up by other homeowners. Professional movers can also benefit, learning what their clients want and where they can improve their services.

Homeowner Help When You Need It Most

There may be times when homeowners feel it is to their advantage to move themselves. However, there are many times when only a professional mover can do the job to satisfaction. Whether you need to make a quick move, have special hard-to-move items, are under emotional strain, or feel uncomfortable with driving a large truck cross country, professional movers are available to make short work of any move.

Pro Movers Are Homeowners’ Relocation Insurance

Of course, professional movers generally provide insurance policies for all your household goods during the move. Yet they go above and beyond a simple written policy. A real pro mover will take every precaution to ensure that your belongings will be intact so you can avoid ever having to file a claim.

That Is a Wrap

When your household is relocated and everything is unpacked, you will be ready to settle into your new home. Thanks to your expert movers, you the job will be over with little fuss or anxiety. Professional movers make relocating simple and worry-free. They complete their tasks quickly, safely and responsibly. In short, professional movers bring your true home to where you need it.

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How to Recover After Your House Floods

Whether it was caused by a plumbing accident or a natural disaster, water damage on any scale is devastating to your house. This article will discuss how to deal with water damage to your home and present options in flooring selections to repair or replace your flooring following the unthinkable. When dealing with flooding in your home, it’s important to identify the extent of damage and material that were in contact with moisture. However, it is essential that you turn off your main circuit breakers so there is no risk of being electrocuted.

Flooring materials are often most damaged because they are the lowest point where moisture collects allowing moisture to pool. Carpeting is especially of concern with standing water because it is porous and absorbent. When dealing with flooded carpeting the response time for cleanup can often dictate much of the costs associated with repairs and replacement. Although carpet manufacturers include warranties for their products, these are generally not honored in the event of significant water damage such as flooding.

Assuming that the water damaged has been caused by clean water, it is essential that any moisture be removed within 48 hours. This can be accomplished by using a water extraction vacuum. Combining these efforts with heaters, fans, and dehumidifier can accelerate the drying process. By drying the carpets sooner rather than later, you lower the chance of mold developing that could potentially be poisonous if left untouched. In addition, applying an anti-microbial treatment will help further protect against mildew.

However, in the case of flooding by black water (water that includes raw sewage), any carpet flooring materials must be removed from the premises and disposed of immediately due to infection risk. Hiring a professional service to deal with this degree of cleaning is necessary because of the health risks associated with the process. With any black water incident the utmost care should be taken, especially with residential properties as the risk of infection and bacteria is significantly higher than clean water.

If hardwood floors are also affected, they too must be dried and disinfected to prevent molding. The faster the wood is dried and dehumidified, the less likely molding and warping can influence the structural integrity of the floor. If portions of the wood do warp, they can be sanded and nailed down further to ensure the floor is smooth and even. The hardwoods should then be resealed to provide a barrier against further moisture.

Brian Grayson writes about flooring, home improvement, and more.

What Are The Different Types Of Shower Enclosures Available?

Shower enclosures are often regarded as the focal point of any bathroom primarily because they are the largest feature and therefore the first thing most people will see when entering the room. Consequently when updating the bathroom it is important to pay particular attention to the type of enclosure to be installed. There are a great variety of shower enclosures available to choose from.


Bi-fold Enclosure

Particularly suitable for small bathrooms, the bi-fold enclosure is highly economical on space. The door panel is designed in two parts enabling it to slide along the enclosure and meaning that no additional space is required for the door. This type of enclosure is highly flexible and can be used in a corner shower or as part of a recessed shower.

Sliding Door Enclosure

In a similar fashion to bi-fold enclosures, the sliding door variety is a perfect option for small bathrooms as the sliding doors do not take up any additional space when opening and closing. The doors slide past one another to enable you to enter the shower.

Pivot Enclosure

Regarded as a more traditional design these types pivot at the edge of the enclosure. The door swings open to allow the user to easily enter the shower. Although the pivot design gives a particularly wide opening, the bathroom will need have enough room in order for it to open freely.

Hinged Enclosure

In simple terms a hinged shower enclosure is a hinged swinging shower door that opens outwards. There are usually magnetic catches used to keep the doors closed when the shower is in use. This type of enclosure is ideal for large bathrooms due to the space required for the doors to open. The hinged enclosure makes entering the shower particularly easy.

Quadrant Enclosure

This type of enclosure has a curved frontage which saves valuable bathroom space when compared to a more traditional rectangular shower enclosure. Therefore the quadrant shower enclosure is particularly suited to smaller bathrooms or for when a shower that does not take up all the space is sought. Offset enclosures are also available to fit a bathroom that can not fit a standard quadrant, for example where there is one short wall and one longer wall to fit an enclosure. In this case, the offset quadrant enclosure has one straight edge that is longer than the other in order to make the most of the longer wall while allowing for the limits of the shorter wall.

Shower Cabins

Shower cabins are becoming an increasingly popular choice of shower enclosure. The cabin is effectively an all-in-one sealed shower cubicle that are easy to install with no need for tiling and the potential of leaks and water damage. Together with the regular shower, the more high tech cabins also come with water massage systems, seats and even steam systems.

By considering the bathroom space available, the aesthetic look that is being sought and the attributes required it is possible to choose from one of the many shower enclosures available.

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Top Tips to Maintain a Manageable and Budget-Friendly Yard

Maintaining an enviable-looking yard can be both time consuming and costly. Just imagine the number of hours you need to spend during the weekend mowing the turf, keeping your plants hydrated with gallons of water, and pruning your greens to keep diseases at bay. Likewise, think of how much money you need to spend in order to fertilize your plants and keep those damaging pests from attacking them.

If you are starting to get tired of the work and money involved in maintaining a beautiful yard, perhaps it’s about time that you do some changes on its upkeep. With a few easy steps, you can have a hassle-free and cost-effective yard without necessarily sacrificing its aesthetics. Here are some ways how you can make that happen.

Let the turf grow long

You might be used to the idea of keeping the grass in your lawn well trimmed. However, if you want to have a healthier and lush yard, consider growing the grass a little longer. Although this may not give you the perfect “manicured yard” look you are after, taller grasses hold moisture longer and better and they also provide a natural control against weeds. How tall you want to keep your grass will depend on the variety that you planted as well as the area where you live in. For instance, if you use cool-season grasses, they work well if left to grow 2 ½ to 3 inches taller. Warm-season grasses, on the other hand, are best left at around 2 inches.

Plant according to your yard’s conditions

If you want to minimize the work in your yard as well as the amount of money you need to spend on its upkeep, plant greens and blooms that work well on the conditions in your yard. For example, if you have a shady and wet area with no drainage, then you need to pick plants that thrive well on these conditions, such as turtlehead, ferns and Iris just to name a few. You may also want to settle with plants that are native to your area. Basically, the key to this technique is that you allow the plants to do the work for you. Once you plant according to the conditions in your yard, you will find that you do not need to frequently do those backbreaking tasks to keep your yard looking beautiful.

Break your yard into zones

The lawn space in your yard does not only waste a lot of precious real estate, it also consumes a lot of water and takes a lot of upkeep time. Hence, instead of maintaining an expansive yard, break it up into zones. Dedicate a space for entertaining guests, establish borders and walkways, and add a water feature or a rock garden. Doing these things will reduce you yard’s water use and will also make it more visually interesting.

Mulch it

All too often, many homeowners overlook the importance of mulching because they think that it has one dimensional purpose which is to control weed. However, mulching is also one of the best ways for you to be able to save water, allow the greens and blooms to thrive in your yard by improving its soil condition and at the same time improve the appearance of the space. There are numerous mulches available in the market and you can purchase them at different price points. Consider buying a mulch that will best serve your yard’s needs.


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Tips on Home Security Systems

What home security means

Generally home security comprises different types of sensors and cameras placed all round of your house. The security system is made active by the house owner and if once activated somebody else might causes one of the security sensors to be tripped. If this happens, the alarm system dials out using the telephone line or the alarm goes off and alerts the security organization. Systems of home security have been on the market for a long period of time. You observe the security system signs in the front yard and stickers in windows, hoping to safe guard any possible burglars from even trying to go into your house.

What’s new with home security?

Fundamental security systems still necessitate sensors that are placed throughout your house. The difference nowadays is that they are progressively incorporated into your home network. The newer home security technologies provide you the capability to log into your system of home security distantly by means of the internet. Perhaps you forgot to activate the system ahead of leaving your home, at this time it is possible to do this by employing your smart phone. Or perhaps you simply desire to check out your residence using the security cameras you have situated around the home and linked to your home network.

Your home network is the center

The home network is fast turning out to be the hub for the entire of your technological expansions. Similar to plugging them into a power outlet, they require a data link to your home network in order that you are able to control them and also view video content or their status. Ideally you would plug new instruments into your power outlet and not merely would they have a source of energy but also a means to converse with the remainder of your home network. There are methods this can be practiced by utilizing X10 technology. The innovative Digital Homes take benefit of the home network in order that all of this technology functions jointly.

Home security functions great together with home automation

There is an overlap between home automation and digitally linked home security. Being able to manage the lights in your house by employing a software program that arbitrarily chooses which light to activate and the intensity of the light, is immense for the purposes of home security when your family members are home.

This author reviews and researches Home Security Systems.

Should I Have my Garage Converted?

What Can I Expect in Taking on a Garage Conversion?

A garage conversion can be an excellent way to add both space and value to your home at an often drastically lower price than having an extension put in. Of course there are a variety of setbacks, expenses and reasons why a garage conversion might not be for you. Here we look at some of the lesser problems that can arise from having a garage conversion installed (aside from where to put your car).

Windows Required

One aspect of many common garages is that they don’t have windows. As a result you’re going to have a very dark new room unless you have a window installed. This can end up being one of the major unexpected expenses in the build as not only will you have to pay for the new window, you will also have to pay to have it fitted and have the wall cut out to make way for it. As a result, you should always make sure to factor this into the budget before getting started.

Sound Proofing and Insulation

While used as a garage you won’t spend much time in the room, other than parking and driving out. If for instance you have it converted into a child’s bedroom or DIY room however, then the noise is going to increase considerably and most garage builds are not equipped with the soundproofing found throughout the rest of your home.

Furthermore, it is likely to be quite cold due to poor insulation meaning it will have to be fully insulated before it’s anywhere near suitable as a bedroom or dining room.

This will be quite a large scale undertaking, requiring the fitting of insulation and soundproofing in each walls and even ceiling. One other option that you might have to consider is under-floor heating.

These are all expenses that will add up considerably and have to be accounted for.

Planning Permission

Dependant on the extent of the conversion, you may be forced to apply for planning permission. This will generally apply if the dimensions of the garage are to be changed in any way.

Fortunately this is an area that home improvement companies can provide assistance with and in many cases, take care of entirely. This can incur additional costs to yourself but dependant on the company taking care of your build, the costs may be covered by the total quote for the conversion.

What to Make of It

While this can incur a great deal of additional expense, the quality of the conversion will improve dramatically. With better insulation, soundproofing and further additions such as window installations the conversion will be suitable for almost any use ranging from a new bedroom, to a dining room or even as a home gym.

Your conversion is what you make of it.

Roger Hammet is a professional joiner. He has worked on a variety of garage conversions and quality home improvements.

What Do People Look For When Buying A Home?

In the current climate a lot of us have been finding it hard to buy or let a new property, so what do we look for now times are slowly changing and people are coming back to the housing market?
Maybe you’re looking for a new area nearer to good schools, work or family and friends, or maybe you’re looking to move to a whole new place in the country or a new city. If so, why not go and have a drive around the area looking for houses that are advertised with signs and also some you have found on a previous search on the internet. You can have a good look around the area and get a feel for the place and also find local attractions, such as parks, shops and other things. If you are looking to extend at some point in the future, will you be able to get planning permission? Is it a listed building because if so, you may not be able to change the exterior which is a big problem when it comes to windows.
Will this new venture be affordable? Is it cheaper or more expensive than where you are now? Are you a first time buyer? Financial issues should be addressed by getting some advice from your bank or mortgage lender. Do you have space to extend in the future making it affordable now then after some saving or a remortgage you can look to do some work?
Move in, move out
When would you be able to leave your home now and will the property you’re looking at be able to accommodate this time period.
What is on the criteria?
Flat, house, studio, bungalow, detached?
Bedrooms – how many do you need? Off road parking or garage? Garden back and front or just one? How many reception rooms and bathrooms? What’s your price range? Will it need all new windows? Do you want a refurb, new build or a house to do up yourself? You can save a lot of money by investing some time in DIY or if you happen to have a family member or friend to help with the trickier tasks.
No one ever has enough storage space in their house, so that is something key to look at. If you see a mysterious door on the wall or roof hatch, take a look. We accumulate far too much over the years and you will want it hidden.

Ryan Carlson is a landlord insurance writer who is working on behalf of

10 Simple Remodeling Ideas to Give Your Bathroom a Facelift

One of the most effective ways to improve your home’s value and enhance your enjoyment is to give your bathroom a facelift. In the current economic climate, giving it a facelift is a far more desirable option than doing a complete remodel. Here are ten ideas that you can use to give your bathroom a facelift.

1. Painting
Paint is probably the quickest, easiest and most economical way to change the look of your bathroom. Choose a paint that is scrubbable and water-resistant and in a color that will evoke a felling of peace and tranquility, in a pale, fresh shade.
2. Walls
Sometimes bathroom walls may be damaged, pitted or uneven. If you have walls like this, painting may not be an option for aesthetic reasons. Use a heavy, paintable wall paper to cover your walls.
3. Fabrics
Replace your shower curtain and window curtain. Use fabrics in a fresh, neutral color way or pattern. Your bathroom will appear bigger and cleaner and less visually cluttered.
4. Fixtures
Replace the toilet with a new water-saving, low-flush model. Colors will be in a higher price point, so if that is not an option, get a basic white model. Not only will it be a fresher look, but you will also save on your water bill. Additionally, use a tub/shower insert to avoid the damage and cost of replacing the tub.
5. Hardware
Replacing your hardware can make a big difference. You can use a brushed or a shiny finish in gold or silver tone. Your choice depends upon the amount of warmth or coolness that you want in your bathroom décor.
6. Grouting
Rather than installing new tile, clean the grout or replace it, which makes the tile look like new. Use a heavy wire brush or a handheld tool to scratch or grind out the existing grout and then put in new grout, using sealer when you are done.
7. Cabinets
You do not have to replace your cabinets. If they are in good shape, use a quality semi-gloss paint to completely change the look. Make sure that they are clean and dry first.
8. Floors
You need to replace your old rugs. Again, use neutral colors in thick, comfy textures. You want to feel something lavish under your feet when getting out of the tub or shower.
9. Lighting
Another easy and economical fix is to replace the lighting, which can give your bathroom a brighter, cleaner look.
10. Accessorize
Using new accessories is the finishing touch to any bathroom facelift. Use these for pops of color in your peaceful, neutral décor.
All of the materials for your bathroom facelift can be found at your local salvage, home, department and discount stores. All it takes is a weekend of effort to give your bathroom a completely new look.

Peter Wendt resides in Austin, Texas with his wife and two children. He enjoys writing on topics related to home improvement. He recommends you click here to learn more about this subject.

Should You Rewire Your Older Home?

Remodeling ideas from BHG

Expensive as it is, if you live in an old house chances are it might be time to rewire. Homes built as recently as the 1980s might not meet today’s safety standards as consumers now rely on so many things that require electricity.  With bigger flat screen televisions, high-speed Internet access (which requires special Cat-5 wiring per the phone company) desktop computers, and more, your home has to pull a lot of energy just to keep up with demand.

Old wiring can deteriorate until it’s a hazard, eventually leading to nuisances like blown fuses to dangerous electrical fires. And, old wiring might not pass an inspection, especially if you are planning on putting your home on the market.

If you aren’t sure old wiring is a problem in your home, here are three ways to tell.

• Your wiring looks as if its deteriorated or cracked of falling apart. To determine if you have old wiring or not, says the first thing to look for is black wire leading into your consumer unit, otherwise known as your electrical panel, usually placed inside the home. It contains both miniature circuit breakers and residential current circuit breakers. Black wire is a good indicator of age because modern 21st century wires are coated in PVC material giving them a white or grey color. The old black wires are coated with rubber that deteriorates faster and allows wires to contact. Ultimately, wires that have the PVC coating will last longer over time.

• If you only have one outlet per room, you are seriously underserviced. You should have outlets every six to eight feet for your appliances, and your jacks need to be properly grounded  for three-prong appliances.

• Last, you know something is not right if you’re experiencing blown fuses or power outages. If you’ve replaced a fuse more than once in the past year your wiring cannot handle what you need it to. Unless you have your wiring fixed your problems will only persist and you’ll just keep blowing fuses-why waste the money?

Ask a licensed electrician for a system check. The cost for rewiring can vary widely, according to labor costs in your area, perhaps thousands of dollars. If you have new electrical service installed, you’ll have to have it done by a licensed electrician, as he will have to have the city or other authority approve his work.

New wiring is well worth the cost in peace of mind and in safety.

Preparing Your Yard & Garden for Fall: 5 Things to Do Now

by E. Spencer Toy

Here are the 5 projects we need to tackle and maybe you do too!

1. Do some late summer landscaping, such as adding fresh gravel or stepping stones to walking areas and some fall planting.

Here are a few great articles I found on easy-care fall landscaping that might inspire you as much as they did me! It is not too late to improve your yard!

Better Homes & Gardens

2. Freshen and Touch Up Exterior Paint.

Bloggers like to paint interior furniture and accessories to make them pretty, but now is a great time to do some routine maintenance and touch up paint on the exterior of your home, including fences, garage doors, and the front steps. Fresh paint will not only protect exposed wood and siding from the elements, but fresh paint will increase the value of your home. And caulking around windows and doors needs to be done before it starts raining!

Here is a helpful article on how to paint the exterior items around your home:

3. Clean all patios, furniture and outdoor umbrellas from all the pollen and dirt collected over the summer.

If the climate in your area is favorable, you can still enjoy a few more weeks of using your furniture (all clean!) before you put the furniture away or cover it for the winter.

Need some tips on how to clean your outdoor furniture? I’m happy to share a couple of articles I found!

Better Homes & Gardens

4. Clean your garage or shed and make room for outdoor patio cushions, garden tools & accessories.

Ok, so if you garage is a little scary right now, how about cleaning it up before the weather turns cold and wet and you have to risk life and limb to venture out there in the cold months?  I’ll admit our garage is a real hazard, which is why I’m mentioning this tip. Ok actually I’m hoping my husband is reading this and will get the hint. While you are cleaning up the garage or shed, make sure you you set aside some space to put your outdoor accessories and cushions when you are ready to pack them away for the winter months.

Here is an inspiring article from Better Homes & Gardens:

5. Clean Your Gutters and Downspouts.

I know, this is the tip no one really wants to think about but everyone who owns a house needs to deal with. It is the project we dread…cleaning gutters and downspouts. Yes, that is a picture of our dirty gutter with a tree growing out of it. A TREE!!! Cleaning out and wiping off gutters when the skies are blue is much more fun (fun?) than when it is freezing and pouring down rain. And of course, by cleaning out your gutters you will save yourself possibly thousands of dollars of potential damage around your home from clogged drains.