10 Tips for Cleaning your Gutters

8a_0 (1)Gutters are a really important part of any house. They collect rain from the roof top and direct it away from the foundations of the home, so in essence keeping the basement dry. While folks are using a lot of effort trying to reduce the amount of water going into the basement by using several different sealers and electric humidifiers that are available but a well-designed gutter system is the most effective way to keep your basement free from all the rain.

Even though this is the most effective way gutters still get blocked up with all manors of sticks, dirt, leaves and alot of other rubbish.. As such, regular cleaning of your gutters is without question recommended but you’ll be happy to hear that cleaning them gutters is pretty easy. There is just one requirement first before we go any further. Are you comfortable on a ladder? The main reason why I ask is because to get to the gutters you need to climb, unless you are Spiderman you will need a ladder. Obviously!

Allow me to share some gutter cleaning tips that will make the project significantly easier-and faster:

Use the appropriate ladder – In all jobs that require a ladder, it is really important that you select the appropriate for the job that you are doing. If you are capable of using the step ladder then use that as the balance is better and you don’t need lean it on the side of the house. However, if you house is a 2 story house then you will have to use a bigger ladder. Make sure that you don’t lean the ladder against the gutter as it may break. Before climbing up the ladder make sure that it will not move at all simply because that could cause you to fall off or injure yourself.

Don’t over stretch yourself – A problem that happens frequently when people are using ladders is that they overextend themselves whilst they are cleaning the gutters. The main reason why this happens is that people are reluctant to come down the ladder and move it across to clean another part of the guttering. This can cause several problems firstly lack of balance which in turn can make the user fall of and injure themselves or strain there back because of the stretching.

Wear Gloves – Along with an appropriate ladder, it is probably best that you should wear heavy-duty work gloves. The reason for this is that the gutter it full of debris and you may cut yourself if you do not use gloves.

Wear Safety Goggles – Along with wearing gloves, you should wear safety goggles when doing rain gutter cleaning. Gutters have a tendency to collect various sticks and twigs, which makes it easy to accidentally hit your eye.

Scoop Out Debris – The best way to clean your rain gutters would be to just scoop the debris out. You can throw it on the ground and rake it up later on but this will make a huge mess but would be much easier or you can hang the bucket of the ladder and scoop it in. Once bucket is full you can come down and empty it into a bin. Sometimes, a small hand shovel will make the job go faster, especially when debris is caked onto the gutter.

Run Water Through the Gutter – After you have cleaned the gutters out, it is probably best to run water through them with a hose. This will allow you to make sure that the gutters are not still backing up. Having someone else seeking out a blockage will be easier for you.

Check Your Guttering For Any Problems – The last point isn’t the only reason why you should poor water down the guttering. Another reason is that you can see any leaks, holes or cracks in the guttering. This allows you to see what needs changing in the guttering, that’s if anything does.

Clean Multiple Times Per Year – Generally, if you clean your gutters twice per year-once in the spring and once in the fall-you can make the job go a lot quicker.

Consider A Mesh Covering – Should you be scooping out a lot of leaves from your gutters, you should consider installing a mesh cover over your gutters to keep leaves out. This will make your gutters work more efficiently as the mesh will filter out the leaves. It is an easy enhancement that is instantly helpful, although you will have to set aside a bit of time to complete the project. It is worth remembering that if you only have problems with leaves on one side of your home, you can just simply install a gutter cover on that side of the house-saving both time and money.

Make Sure Gutters Are Firmly Attached – While you are cleaning your rain gutters, you should make sure that they are firmly attached to your house. A gutter that is not properly attached might fall off or it will pull away from the house, often causing your gutter system to become either ineffective or work at a reduced level of efficiency.

Hillary Ealey is a new blogger with a keen interest in anything Home Improvements or D.I.Y. The services reviewed here are from LEAFIELD PROJECTS



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