Residential Construction Has Never Been Hotter

image0027It’s amazing to see how the residential construction industry has improved over the years. The residential construction industry has expanded with regards to how different construction procedures are being handled. The number of permits that people are handling has increased over the years. These are values that have proven to be of interest to people and have become very interesting for all sorts of needs that people have for buying items for all sorts of different needs.

How Many Permits?

There are more residential construction permits being used than ever before. These permits include ones that allow companies to build individual homes for residential purposes.

It is estimated that in October 2012 about 850,000 new residential construction permits were endorsed. This is about a quarter more than what was used back in 2011. This is a clear sign that more places are looking to handle construction procedures these days than ever before.

This information comes from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. The organization is a part of the United States Census Bureau and the Department of Commerce. It has been taking a look at how well construction has been going on and how well different actions are being handled.

The housing starts statistics have been around the same as well. It is a sign that the procedures being used have proven to be a little more attractive and beneficial.

Where Are They Held?

The places that residential construction procedures are being handled in include parts around the southern United States for the most part. This is a big feature that shows just how prominent the south has become with regards to people relocating to the area.

It is estimated that close to half the new homes being built around the country are in the south. This is particularly the case in fast-growing markets like Raleigh, Tampa, Atlanta, Charlotte and Birmingham.

The northeastern part of the country has not experienced as many new permits.
About seventy thousand new permits were issues in the month of October 2012. The number of permits in this area has actually declined but it is still a strong number considering how valuable the construction industry is.

Are They Being Completed?

The existing construction jobs around the country have been completed for the most part. These include jobs around the country that feature single-unit homes.

It is estimated that three-quarters of a million homes were completed in October 2012 according to the same Department of Housing and Urban Development report. It is higher then estimates for both the last month and the last year. As it can be seen here, the procedures for construction continue to work well and are actually being handled as needed.

The procedures for residential construction have all been progressive and effective for everyone to handle. There are many different homes around the country that are being built and have proven to work well for all sorts of different things that can be easy to handle. This is a unique feature of the economy that proves that people are still interested in getting new homes set up.

Mary enjoys writing, and she covers lots of topics.  A few of the topics she writes about are general construction and working as an interior finish out contractor.


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