Budget Friendly Home Improvements for the Holidays

holidayTimes are tough and we may not all have the resources needed to do a full remodel before our guests make it over for the big holiday party this holiday season. Hosting a big Holiday feast with the friends and family this year? We have a few tips that can freshen up your home with a little elbow grease and a small budget

Budget Friendly Tips

  1. We are a huge proponent of real wood flooring, but vinyl floors are an affordable way for anyone to give their home an affordable makeover. It’s a great way to give your home a rich and sophisticated look, and almost anybody can install the vinyl planks themselves. Tear up your carpet, remove that ugly linoleum, and install a rich oak or maple textured floor for the holidays. This cheap flooring option can give your family room, kitchen, or hallways a new replenished look. You can take basic measurements and head over to Lowes, Home Depot, or Menards to get a quote for your project. Depending on the size of your room, you can normally get away with spending around $500 which will get you two packages of flooring planks.
  2. Give your cupboards a coat of white paint. If you are sick of looking at old, outdated, and out-of-touch cabinets then you may want to consider this option. Most likely, if you are unhappy with your cupboards you are considering project in the near future. If you paint them, that will give you a fresh look for the meantime. It will get you through the holidays and for the cost of a bucket of paint, you can give your home afresh appeal in conjunction with your new floors.
  3. Your front door is the first thing that your guests will see. A fresh coat of paint on your door may also spruce things up a bit. Think about a color that pops and stands out, but compliments the color scheme of your home. If your home is a light tan color with white trim, try a burgundy or maroon color to really set off your entry way. It is a warm Christmassy color that will really welcome your guests.
  4. Nearly every home has trim of some sort. Outlining your existing trim can really accent the lines your home. Trim inside and out can be painted to give the home a modern look. Trim on older homes looks outdated and stands out. Clean up molding or trim by painting the same color as the walls or exterior.

With a few adjustments, you can make some minor home improvements that will get you through the holidays until it’s time to make a real summer project out of it. Pete’s Hardwood Flooring has plenty of options for your wood flooring project. Save the big stuff for warmer weather and save money for the holidays by making some not-so-costly home improvements.

Benjamin Coffman has been writing and blogging for the home improvement industry with www.peteshardwoodfloors.com many years. He enjoys providing tips and tricks to better homes and services within the industry.


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