Homeowners Association Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the HOA’s role versus Homeowner’s role or the Builder’s role?
(*Maintenance Free Homes) (All Homeowners) (Refer to Builder Landscape Policy)
*Weekly mowing Flowers in beds if desired Installs initial lawn
*Lawn fertilizations Plant Fertilizations Installs initial mulch
(5per season) (If desired)
*Replace Front yard mulch Backyard Mulch & Shrubs Grading or drainage issues?
(↑One time/year) (If desired)
*Trim Front yard shrubs Seed lawn bare spots
(↑One time/year)
*Weed Front mulch beds Individual irrigation system
Common Area Irrigation Replace dead plants/trees
Start up & shut down
What is included in my Homeowner Association Dues?
*Maintenance Free Homes receive the following services:
 Spring cleanup (1x)
 Weekly mowing
 Re-mulching beds(1x)
 Weeding mulch beds
 Fall clean up (1x)
 Snow removal
(snowfalls over 2”)
*All Homeowner’s dues include maintenance of the Common Areas. For detailed specifications, please
reference the HOA budget in the Offering Plan.
What is NOT included in my Homeowner Association Dues?
 Plant & shrub fertilizations
 Lawn disease
 Opening, closing + repairs of
individual irrigation systems
 Watering of shrubs & lawns
 Calcium chloride treatments
after snow removal
Why does my new lawn have weeds?
*Newly emerging grass receives applications of fertilizer and insecticide. Because young grass is
typically somewhat fragile, newly seeded lawns generally require three mowing occurrences before
any weed control products can be applied. You will see a fair amount of weeds germinating the first
growing season until your lawn is established. We thank you for your patience during this process.
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How many lawn fertilizations are included in the grounds maintenance contract?
*Five lawn fertilizations per year and includes grub control.
Does the grounds maintenance contractor take care of bare spots?
*Seeding is not part of the grounds maintenance contract, although they may carry some seed in
their trucks and may treat some bare spots at homes. Homeowners are encouraged to treat & seed
their own bare spots.
Is plant or tree fertilization included in the HOA contract?
*No; plant, shrub and tree fertilizations are not included in the HOA contract.
Can I pay for additional services if they are not included in the grounds maintenance
*Yes. Homeowners can call the HOA contractor directly to receive a quote for additional services.
Some of these additional services may include:
 An extra lawn fertilization (if more than 5 are wanted)
 Plant, shrub or tree fertilization
 Back yard mulching
 Disease treatment for lawns if a disease occurs on lawns
What if our trees, shrubs or plants die?
*Trees, shrubs and plants are a Homeowners responsibility. Although the HOA contractor contract
includes pruning shrubs once per year, it does not include replacement at all.
Will the HOA close my lawn sprinklers for me in the Fall and open them in the Spring?
*No. Closing and opening of sprinklers is a Homeowners responsibility. The HOA budget covers the
opening & closing of the sprinklers in the Common Areas only if applicable.
When are the monthly HOA payments due?
* The HOA is dependent upon all members to pay their monthly dues by the first of every month, as
they have a budget to maintain and bills to pay for the operation and maintenance of the common
Can I pay my dues in advance?
*Yes, you may pay ahead on your dues. Some customers who travel to warmer climates in the winter
like to pay in advance so they don’t have to worry about their dues while they are gone.
Can I pay my dues electronically and transfer the money directly into the HOA account?
*Yes! In most of our HOA communities, we are offering auto withdrawal, so please contact your HOA
representative for the form to fill out. This form insures prompt and secure payment of your HOA
If I run out of dues coupons can I send my check without a coupon?
*Yes, just write the month(s) you are paying for on the memo line.
*You can also print more coupons directly from the HOA website if applicable.
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Do I have to submit an Architectural Review Form for all outside projects?
*Generally speaking, all outside projects require approval. Any modification to the exterior of the
home or permanent landscape projects requires Board Approval. Please refer to your Homeowners
Association Offering Plan for guidance and if in doubt, we recommend you submit a request.
How can I sign up for one of the Volunteer Committees?
Homeowner involved communities make for a smooth process, so we encourage your input and
involvement. Volunteers are encouraged to become involved in the Architectural Review or Grounds
Maintenance Committees.

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