Top 12 Tools Every Homeowner Needs

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Top 12 Tools Every Homeowner Needs

Here’s What Every Homeowner Needs in Their Toolbox

If you’re planning on doing a DIY job (and what homeowner isn’t?) it’s important to have the right tools for the job.

Not sure how to stock your own toolbox? Here are 12 DIY tools that every homeowner needs.

1. Philips Screwdriver

A Philips screwdriver is the one with an X-shape, and it’s a tool every homeowner should have.

2. Flathead Screwdrivers

Yes, you read that correctly — every toolbox needs a few flathead screwdrivers. You’ll want at least three different size flathead, or straight, screwdrivers. Small, medium and large will be good to start, though you may want additional sizes down the line.

If you want to avoid a mess of different screwdrivers, opt for a handle that works with interchangeable tips.

3. Allen Key

You aren’t done with screwdriver-type tools yet. Some projects require a tool with hexagonal sockets, such as “some assembly required” furniture pieces (we’re looking at you, Ikea.)

That made-to-assemble furniture often comes with an allen key (aka an allen wrench), but you might want your own for other projects, like bike repairs. Grab a jackknife-style, all-in-one tool with multiple sizes for maximum efficiency.

4. Locking Pliers

Whether you’re wiring something or tightening and loosening pipes, a solid set of locking pliers is a must-have.

You might even want to pick up two sets: needle-nose and adjustable groove-joint pliers that can be used for a variety of different projects.

5. Adjustable Wrenches

Purchase some adjustable wrenches in different sizes so that you can work with hexagonal nuts and bolts (not to be confused with hex sockets, which is what your allen keys are for.)

6. Hammer

Heavy hardcover books can do in a pinch, but when you need to hammer a nail, you’ll probably prefer a trusty hammer. Head to your local hardware store to test different sized hammers out, because it’s important that you find one that feels good in your own hand.

An all-purpose hammer that can handle a variety of tasks is a great start. But, if your hammer of choice is on the smaller side and you only use it for simple tasks like hanging pictures, you may want to pick up something more substantial for bigger DIY projects.

7. Level

When you’re using your hammer to hang those family photos you also want those photos to be level. When you’re testing out hammers be sure to pick up a level for your toolbox.

8. Measuring Tape

You’ll use your measuring tape more often than expected. The next time you head to Ikea to purchase that frustratingly difficult to assemble furniture, you’ll be glad you pre-measured your living room.

9. Utility Knife

Whether you’re opening a box or cutting carpet, a quality utility knife is absolutely necessary in any homeowner’s toolbox.

10. Power Drill and Drill Bits

Now it’s time for the power tools, and a drill is the first one you should purchase. This is one tool you shouldn’t skimp on, because a high-powered model will make easy work of many common DIY jobs. You’ll also want a robust set of drill bits so that you can handle any project that comes your way.

Some homeowners prefer cordless drills, and others hate remembering to charge yet another device. The type that you choose is completely dependent on your own preference.

11. Electrical Cord

An indoor-outdoor power cord will get more use than you ever imagined. Purchase a well-insulated cord that can handle high-amp tools.

12. Tool Box

You’re going to need a place to store all of your new tools, so don’t forget the tool box. Unless you want your tools scattered throughout random drawers and other corners of your house, that is.

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