Is It Time to Upgrade Your Technology?


If your property management business is currently using the latest and greatest technology, congratulations! But for those of you still using technology from years ago, it’s time to start to take advantage of the benefits that today’s technology can bring to your business, and to your applicants and tenants. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a quick list of items you may want to investigate in your quest to bring your property management business into 2017.

Online photos and virtual tours. Remember years ago when searching for a home, you were presented with a photo of the outside of the home. If you wanted to see more, you contacted an agent, who took you on a tour. Those days are long gone, but sadly, some property management companies continue to offer potential tenants a very brief glimpse of an available property, and nothing more. Savvy property management businesses know that viewing apartments and homes online is vital to their business. The more information you can offer applicants online, the higher likelihood that they will fill out an application, which brings us to my next suggestion…

Online rental applications. You have a great inventory of photos and virtual tours that potential tenants can access at any time. A website visitor finds a property that he or she absolutely loves. The next logical step would be to fill out an application – preferably an online application. One of the biggest advantages of offering online applications is the ability to channel the excitement that web visitors may experience when looking at your available properties. Do you really want them to have to stop and request an application, or worse, come into your office to complete the application? Chances are they will simply move on to another property that does offer that capability.

Online rent payment capability. Let’s face it , why wouldn’t you want a system in place that makes it easier for your tenants to pay their rent – and pay it on time. Today, checks have been widely replaced by online payment systems. Don’t force your tenants to write a check, and certainly, don’t force them to have to write a check and mail it! Make it easier on them, and on your property management business, and make online rental payment a reality in 2017.

Make your property management business technologically savvy in 2017 by investing in these tech benefits that will reduce paperwork and make your tenants happy.


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