A message from USGBC’s President and CEO Mahesh Ramanujam


Dear USGBC community,

Since the formation of our organization more than 22 years ago, it’s amazing to see the impact that LEED and our global USGBC community has made. LEED has grown into a powerful global system that spans 15.7 billion square feet of space, is in more than 160 countries and territories and accounts for nearly 82,000 commercial buildings and over 255,000 residential units.

We know the impact of a green building goes far beyond the four walls of the structure. Green buildings provide a sense of community, culture, home, innovation and inspiration. They represent the places where we live, work, learn and play. They promote human health, wellness and productivity.

As we look to 2017, the demand for green buildings will continue to grow, and USGBC is poised to meet this demand. We are heading into 2017 with the structure to broaden our impact and ready to do the work that needs to be done. Expanding our global presence will continue to bring our voices to critical markets. 2016 saw the introduction of LEED for cities, the full launch of LEED v4 and the debut of the Arc platform—all of these actions are part of our commitment to making the benefits of green building available for every building and everyone.

And one of our main goals in 2017 and beyond will be ensuring a sustainable future for all. It is important that we all recognize that if the current trend of resource consumption and environmental degradation continues, the people who are socially, economically, cultural politically or institutionally discriminated against will suffer the most. At USGBC, we are committed to reaching underserved communities.

Today, our vision of green buildings for everyone is more relevant now than ever before.

As many of you already know, what we do is not just a job, it is a commitment to make the world a better place. Your hard work influences and inspires the community around us to do better. As president and CEO, I pledge to celebrate and champion this spirit. I truly believe that our work is making an enormous impact on our future and our planet and we wouldn’t be able to do it without you.

As we close 2016, I look forward to continuing to build a healthier world. I wish you and yours the happiest of holiday seasons. And together, let’s continue to LEED On!

Warm regards,
Mahesh Ramanujam




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