Mobile coworking bus lets professionals work, hike, bike and surf (Video)

One Wild Life Co.

© One Wild Life Co.

So many of us are seeking that delicate balance between work, leisure and living a fulfilling life. For a growing number of people, that balance may mean ditching rigid, corporate schedules for the flexibility of a membership in a coworking space, for others, balance may mean taking a coworking vacation or signing up for a co-living subscription that lets you work and travel around the world at the same time.

San Diego-based company One Wild Life (OWL) is offering another vision of this work-life balance. Operating a mobile coworking space out of a refurbished school bus, which they’ve dubbed Adventure Lab, the company brings a different kind of office to location-independent workers who want to get some outdoor time either surfing, biking or hiking, in addition to getting some work done. Co-founders Tim Stempel and Ryan Woldt explain that they were fed up of working in uninspiring spaces like cubicles, home offices and coffee shops. They say on the Huffington Post:

We service self-employed freelancers and entrepreneurs with an adventurous streak who want to be able to get out and surf, hike or bike before, after and during work. [Clients include] those who are excited about a new way of working or are just looking for an alternative to the coffee shop and want to be surrounded and inspired by other adventurous spirits.

One Wild Life Co.© One Wild Life Co.
One Wild Life Co.© One Wild Life Co.

It’s a great concept — bringing busy people out into nature — considering how vital it is for stressed-out workers to reconnect with fresh air and sunlight, no doubt also increasing well-being and also productivity and creativity.

The Adventure Lab can fit up to 12 people, and is equipped with wireless internet and coffee of course, as well as counters for working on, a lounging area and a projector.

One Wild Life Co.© One Wild Life Co.
One Wild Life Co.© One Wild Life Co.
One Wild Life Co.© One Wild Life Co.
One Wild Life Co.© One Wild Life Co.
One Wild Life Co.© One Wild Life Co.

The company offers a range of “mobile packages” that not only cover use of the workspace, either as a regular working day out for individuals or as a creative retreat for a whole team, but also covers outdoor activities like surfing, yoga, biking and even camping. The company’s long-term aim is to create a network of mobile coworking spaces around the world, and thanks to a recent crowdfunding campaign, the first Adventure Lab bus has now finally launched, and you can check their calendar for where they’ll be next. For more information, visit One Wild Life.

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