How to Create a Successful Property Management Team

Business couple with their teamwork behind isolated on white

What is the magic formula for a successful property management team?  Like any other workplace, a property management office functions much more efficiently when employees function as a team with each member contributing their particular talent and expertise.

When an office functions as a true team, everything runs smoothly.  When it doesn’t, even the slightest bump in the road can quickly become a pothole.

If you have staff members fighting, tenants complaining, and work not being completed properly (or at all) you staff is not functioning as a unified team.

So how do you do it?  How do you get the right team in place, and ensure that they’re working together?  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Start with hiring the right people.  This may sound simple, but having the right group in place goes a long way to creating a strong working team. (It helps to start by identifying what you are looking for as a company in your team members–what are the characteristics you find valuable?)
  • When you interview potential staff members, interview them holistically.  In other words, interview the whole person, not just the person on the resume.  That can mean taking the time to introduce potential employees to key staff members to see how they interact. Find out what their personal goals are; not just what they did at their last job. Do they work better alone?  Do they enjoy being part of a team?  None of these attributes means that they’re the right fit for your office, but knowing these things up front helps you and your team make a hiring decision that will be the most beneficial to the needs of you and your office.
  • Offer educational and advancement opportunities.  While opportunities may be limited in smaller offices, those managing multiple properties can mentor and groom selected employees for management opportunities, either at that property or another.  While not all employees will likely take advantage of the opportunity, those that do will be more likely to stay.
  • Cross train your staff.  Most employees are eager to learn or perfect new skills and you just might be surprised at the results
  • Have an open door policy and truly honor it. While many managers may profess an open door policy, few actually put those words into practice.  Take the time to listen to your employees without judgement and without repercussions.

Creating a strong group of employees that work well together will go a long way towards building a team of individuals that together create a positive environment for all.


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