Wallace modular shelving offers flexible, mix-and-match storage option

by Kimberley Mok



Installing shelving on the walls can be a real hassle. To get it right, one may need a stud-finder, anchors, various kinds of screws, and a prayer that it will hold weight. After all that is said and done, if you ever have to move or change your mind, removing these shelves will mean unsightly holes in your wall, meaning you’ll have to break out the spackling putty and the right colour of paint.

Encinitas, California based SWENYO has another solution in mind, though: the Wallaceline of modular wall shelving that uses a system of rails as a tabula rasa for a whole host of add-ons: small and large shelves, boxes, charging cable managers, hooks, magnets and cups, and even a pretty copper lightbulb socket.


This flexible system uses architectural-grade aluminum wall mounts, which are affixed to the wall using many angled nail holes. This means that weight is distributed over a larger area, eliminating the need for anchors and screws and stud-finders. A Baltic birch plywood covering is then mounted over the metal rail, covering it up and allowing you to start mixing and matching whatever your storage needs require.


A key part of the design are the French cleats on the rear of the wooden components, which help to distribute weight much more evenly, creating a strong shelf. Take a look at how one of the large “Living Boxes” are securely via these cleats.


Whether it’s for a small, unobtrusive lip to hold your things bedside, or for a full wall of shelves displaying your treasures and books, Wallace is a versatile system that we can imagine being used not just in the home, but as an impressive, full-wall display in retail spaces too. Wallace is available for pre-order on Indiegogo, with kits starting at USD $75. For more info, visit Indiegogo and SWENYO.

Tags: California | Furniture


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