Misplaced Negative Management Company Reviews and how to deal with them!?!


My company manages Associations exclusively. We have an excellent track record of 11 years, and I’ve done this for some 25+…

In so doing, our company administers collections activity at the direction of Association Boards for unpaid Assessments … and we mail rule violation notices at the specific direction of these same Boards who are enforcing Covenants that the complainants signed-for at their closings.

Despite our role which you know to be that of a vendor, owners have blasted my company, holding us in contempt, variously:

“This company charged me $X,000 in legal fees and late fees but (insert nonpayment reason here) without ever sending a bill.” and
“Their inspectors patrol like prison guards and get rich with fines while I was busy doing (insert work here) and was completely surprised by a $X,000 fine.”

Well, my company is not the HOA… and this company doesn’t receive the $X,000… but the readers of this post know that! And you also know that Steve can’t discuss a legal action, particularly online.

So there they stay. Negative reviews online. I’m not above sending attorney letters asking for the removal of the misplaced comment, “You may wish to leave this review for your HOA in their name” but the question: Is there a real law that protects management companies from being smeared for “reviews” of their HOA’s enforcement and collections actions?Show less


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