Six tips to help you get the right location for your property investment

exterior houseLocation, location, location. Three small words that can transform your property investment decision, says Belvoir.

Belvoir Aberdeen’s advice for helping to decide the best location for a property investment includes:

1. Only decide on where you want to invest after thorough research.

2. Do not make a decision based on the look of the property alone. Just because it appeals to you, it will not necessarily be a good rental investment.

3. Providing tenants with a quality, well-maintained property for them to call home carries responsibilities. Only work with a local agent that you have checked out, trust and who has gained all the relevant professional industry accreditations.

4. Remember that big is not always best. A one or two-bedroom unfurnished apartment can often yield a better return than larger, four-bedroom furnished houses. It’s all down to location and the type of tenant you are targeting.

5. Overly high “yields” – or returns on an investment – can sometimes indicate hidden issues and may not necessarily lead to a good investment.

6. Beware of “buying cheap and paying dear”. If a property is located in a low-quality area it can increasingly become run down – attracting the wrong type of tenant and achieving poor long-term capital growth.

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