Promoting Your Business to Condo and HOA Influencers Using Digital Marketing As you probably know, most people who are looking for information look online.

That’s why no one cracks their Yellow Pages anymore. It’s so much easy to type your question into Google.

That’s what this brand new blog is all about.

marketing-clip-art-31907But what is the best and most effective way to do that for YOUR condo or HOA related business? That depends.

Are you a part of a large national or even global corporation, or do you mainly focus on serving your local or regional area of the country?

Local, Regional, National

Since there are so many options, your first step should be to figure out which ones are best for your situation.

If you are a local business, you should zero in on the options that allow you to target potential customers in your coverage area. This may seem obvious, but you’ll save yourself time and money if you put a little planning in before breaking out the credit card.

That’s not to say that you have to spend money. If you’ve already built a solid social media presence, you can spread your message without setting up any paid campaigns. You have “earned” your audience.

Even if you have a lot of twitter or Facebook followers, you can increase your exposure by adding a paid component.

Studies have shown that if a company shows up in paid and free listings together, the boost they receive in terms of click through rate is actually greater than if that same company only showed up in an unpaid listing.

Research Your Competition

Be a spy. Take advantage of what your competition is already doing to inform your actions.

Do a search on twitter and Facebook for the service or product you offer. Include your city or town in this search. Who do you recognize? What is it about their messaging that makes you want to click (or not)?

How can you make your message more compelling than your competition’s?

The best way to do that is by offering something. Do you do free estimates? Do you have valuable topical knowledge you can share?

Make a List. This list will form the foundation of your online messaging.


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