LEED v4 in trouble? 50 projects now certified BUT how did they perform?

LEED v4 in trouble? 50 projects now certified BUT how did they perform?

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LEED v4 has been polarizing and provocative.

Nearly 50 buildings are now LEED v4 certified. But how did they do? Let’s look at the data, freshly scraped off the U.S. Green Building Council databases.

v4 by the numbers

Rating System

This one comes as a shocker. Nearly all of the certified v4 projects are either existing buildings or interior fit-outs within existing buildings. This is an alarming trend. Is v4 not market-friendly for new construction? Will we see less new buildings pursuing LEED certification? Either the energy efficiency requirements are too expensive now, or the material freebies projects enjoyed in the last version are creating nostalgia.

v4 by the numbers

Certification Level

Gold has become the coveted project target for Class A commercial development. This has been a consistent trend in the last five years. Silver has emerged as the favored Baseline. In fact all public buildings in New York City are required to achieve LEED Silver certification.

v4 by the numbers
Project Country

Where are the first 50 LEED v4 projects located? Here is the full breakdown.


  1. United States (24)
  2.  China (5)
  3. Germany (3)
  4. United Kingdom (3)
  5. India (2)
  6. Italy (2)
  7. Turkey (2)
  8. Canada (1)
  9. Greece (1)
  10. Hong Kong (1)
  11. Mexico (1)
  12. Portugal (1)
  13. Switzerland (1)
  14. Taiwan (1)

v4 by the numbers

Project State

It comes as no surprise the United States has the most LEED v4 projects. After all, it is the U.S. Green Building Council’s green rating system. Which states are the early adopters?

  1. California (5)
  2. District of Columbia (3)
  3. Michigan (3)
  4. Colorado (2)
  5. Georgia (2)
  6. Illinois (2)
  7. Pennsylvania (2)
  8. Wisconsin (2)
  9. Connecticut (1)
  10. North Carolina (1)
  11. Washington (1)

Are the first 50 projects indicative of how LEED v4 will fare in today’s real estate market? Time will tell.


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