Self-sufficient couple builds their own floating off-grid island

by Kimberley Mok (@kimberleymok)

Freedom Cove

© Freedom Cove

From no-waste, no-impact, buy-nothing, no-money to living tiny, there are a multitude of saner and more courageous alternatives to the unthinking, zombie wastefulness of mainstream living. For Canadian couple Wayne Adams and Catherine King, living self-sufficiently meant building their own floating island near Tofino, British Columbia, consisting of twelve interconnected platforms that support their home, greenhouse, lighthouse and a dance studio.

Wayne, a sculptor, and Catherine, a retired ballerina and carver, began building this extraordinary home back in 1992. They have dubbed it “Freedom Cove,” and call it a “floating food garden.” The two artists support themselves by selling their artworks in local shops and beyond, and supplement their income with veggies and fruit harvested throughout the year from their own garden, in addition to fishing.

© Freedom Cove

They generate their own electricity with the use of photovoltaics, and collect rainwater and water from a nearby waterfall for drinking.

© Freedom Cove
© Freedom Cove
© Freedom Cove

The couple lives here full time, and even raised two kids here. They’ve tried to raise hens too, but had to abort the project when they realized that predators were a big problem. Other pests were a problem too; according to Oddity Central, the couple had to deal with a 30-pound rat that kept damaging the home’s foundations.

© Freedom Cove

There’s a lot of character to this place, with its miniature lighthouse that doubles as a shower and buildings painted bright teal and pink.

© Freedom Cove
© Freedom Cove
© Freedom Cove

As an evolving life’s work of art that has been realized by this artistic duo in this natural landscape, Freedom Cove is an imaginative example of living sustainably and courageously. Visitors are welcome and can take a tour from June to September, for more info, contact Browning Pass Charters, kayakers can also visit by contacting Tofino Sea Kayaking.


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