This is LEED

Written by Nora Knox

Better buildings are our legacy.

Every day LEED is pushing the green building industry to go further.

Developed in a transparent, consensus-based process that includes several rounds of public comments and approval from USGBC members, LEED ensures that leaders can demand more from our buildings, creating healthy experiences, conserving precious resources and benefitting the business bottom line.

LEED is Global

More than 60,000 projects are participating in LEED across 150+ countries and territories, comprising over 11 billion square feet. You’ve seen a LEED plaque before—USGBC estimates that nearly 5 million people experience a LEED building every day. Many of the world’s most well-known buildings have earned LEED certification.

LEED works with top building professionals around the world to deliver a system that is applicable at the global, regional and local levels. That means that LEED works no matter where you live—from Seattle, Washington to Taipei, Taiwan.

Still curious about what LEED is, or why you should use it? Visit our new LEED microsite to learn more.


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