The January addenda includes interpretations, corrections, Alternative Compliance Paths, and updates to the web-based reference guide. 

This release includes addenda for both LEED v4 and LEED 2009.

To view the changes:


One new LEED 2009 (10407) and two new LEED v4 (10408-10409) Interpretations were published. One existing (10146) was updated.



Nine corrections were published for LEED v4 (100001977-100001985). The LEED for Homes v4 Reference Guide was updated to include Multifamily Energy Modeling Guidance under EA Prerequisite Minimum Energy Performance. To see all corrections, download the Reference Guide Correction Tables.


Alternative Compliance Paths (ACPs)

A LEED BD+C 2009 Brazil Regional ACP has been released for EAp2: Minimum Energy Performance. Projects in Brazil recognized by PBE Edifica, a local energy efficiency seal, no longer have to complete a second energy model in order to achieve a LEED prerequisite that stipulates minimum energy performance for newly constructed buildings.


Updates to the web-based reference guide

This quarter, three new modules have been added to the LEED v4 web-based reference guide. Learn more and view sample credits: EA credit Demand Response and IP credit Integrative Process.


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