Make 2015 the Best Year Ever



It’s a brand new year.  If you’re like most of us, you have a long list of New Year’s resolutions that you have vowed to keep this year.  And, if you’re like most of us, becoming better organized in 2015 is somewhere on that list; after all it’s one of the Top 10 resolutions year after year.

Getting organized can mean many things to many people.  For the well-organized among us, it can mean simply shredding old documents.  But for most of us, getting better organized can be a complex task, as we explore ways to make ourselves and our business more efficient.

In Part I, I’ll talk about some of the things that you can begin to explore in your quest to become better organized.  In Part II, I’ll talk more about how to implement those things.

Ranging from simple solutions, to more complex implementation, here are some things you may want to consider:

  • Catch up on filing.  Yes, filing does fall really low on the priority list, which is why many of us end the year with stacks of paper on our desks.  But take a moment and think about how much time you and your staff have spent going through that stack of papers looking for an application, or a move-out form, or walk-through papers.  Think about how much easier it would be if you could simply walk to the file cabinet and locate the paperwork you’re looking for.  Yes, filing is a pain, but it’s a necessary pain.  Get those papers in their proper place, and then consider ways to make filing a non-issue in the future.
  • If you’re really tired of piles of paperwork, consider moving your office towards a paper-free environment.   We’ll explore this more in Part II.
  • Update your resources.  Are you and your employees up to date on Federal Fair Housing Laws?   If not, do you have a resource in place that can be easily accessed when questions or issues arise?  You may never need it, but having Fair Housing Laws, Lead Paint Laws, and other applicable laws readily available for employees ( and yourself) to reference can eliminate questions or issues arising in the future.  The same rule applies for policies and procedures.
  • Create easier rent payment options.  Giving your residents more rent payment options not only increases the odds that the rent will be paid on a timely basis, but it also makes it easier on staff who currently has to process, endorse, and deposit all those checks.

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