Water Management Advance Saves Dollars and Water

Hydros is a water advance using water-smart technology from Simple Elements is worth investigation by those who are in the market.

Hydros is just an intelligent irrigation controller born to make your life simpler, your grass healthier, and your wallet fuller.  Existing irrigation systems are as basic as a light switch with on and off functions and no add-ons or functionalities that help the ecosystem, the earth or you.


Hydros breaks all the necessary components required for your lawn to be healthy, analyzes them and determines how best to water it. By analyzing the weather conditions, grass and soil requirements, the area that you live, temperature, light and humidity of the soil, it formulates the duration and frequency of when it needs to water the grass.  Hydros doesn’t stop there though; it constantly takes measurements during the day to check for weather updates and its sensor readings in order to update the schedule.  Hydros ensures that your grass is optimally watered and your wallet delightfully fuller.

Sources: Simple Elements; treehugger


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