Apartment Manager Brings Pet-Friendly to New Level

cat-in-showerWhile some landlords continue to debate with tenants whether to allow a pets in rental properties, some of the newer apartment complexes are going in the opposite direction — offering pet amenities to attract tenants.

Where dog runs have become more commonplace in large complexes, the Gallery of Bethesda is trying to lure pet owners by offering more ‘extreme’ pet amenities. According to a news report, the complex offers a dog wash station complete with turbo blow dryer, special nonslip stairs, and a pet spa.

The 17-story, 235-unit building opened earlier this year. On May 3, it will host a grand opening of the spa which will feature a carnival of pet suppliers, including the owner of a pet fitness businesses, according to the report.

The property manager told the reporter that they want to get their pet-friendly message to resonate with new tenants. The message comes across loud and clear on the building’s website, where anyone without a pet is encouraged to adopt one from the Humane Society at the opening.

The manager says the next step will be an on-site dog run that will eliminate the need for residents to take the elevator up and down each time the pet needs to go out — a step that will also benefit all residents.

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