Using Video to Convey Complex Ideas in Engineering


If a picture tells a thousand words then imagine what a video can do. Unlike any other medium, video is unique in its ability to bring together the moving image with sound, whether it be in the form of music or the spoken word. Visual aids have been proven to help people better digest the information being presented to them when compared to the written word.

The engineering industry often has the need to explain complex structures and systems to a non-technical audience, even in a B2B setting. It’s not something that the sector is always that well equipped for, partly down to the fact that marketing highly complex products requires highly technical marketers. Many engineering companies are now discovering the power of video though and are starting to experiment with more and more forms of video marketing.


As with any marketing strategy, planning is vital. It is essential that time is taken to produce a thorough strategy and work out who your audience is and what you are trying to tell them. You need to make sure your video’s overarching message isn’t drowned out in technical information.

Before you start your campaign, decide how video marketing will fit within your wider marketing strategy. You need to ask yourself questions such as: Through what different mediums will the video be distributed? Who are your audience? What overarching messages do you want to convey? What brand values are being brought to life?

Cut through the Noise

Consumers are often confronted with an overload of information, making it difficult for them to pick out important and relevant information from an abundance of technical data. Video can help to cut through the white noise by allowing the viewer to sit back and watch instead of having to search through dense paragraphs of text just to find what they need to know.

By using visual and audio stimuli videos are less easily forgotten than more traditional forms of marketing media, especially if they are original. To your consumers you must become a trusted source of clear and incisive information within the engineering industry, so that they feel they don’t need to go elsewhere.


Your script needs to educate and entertain as well as encourage the audience to take some form of action, whether it’s contacting you for further information or visiting your website. You want it to be an engaging, visual piece, that’s easily understood.

Your content needs to not only complex information about your product or service, but also induce interest and engage on a human level. It’s vital to remember that application and utility are as important as the technical stuff. Understanding your audience and their expectations is key to striking this balance.

The channels in which you plan to distribute your video content is also vital when you come to work out what content to use. For example if you create a website video to be placed online the content of the video will likely be seen on the whole, by a far less technically minded audience, than a video used at a trade show.

Personal Connection

Video provides a more personal connection compared to text. If used correctly it can add personality and character to your business and brand; something some firms could be accused of lacking. Presenting a human side to your business can be the difference between engagement with your potential customers and boring them silly. Marketing any product or service requires a human dimension. All the technical information in the world is for nothing if your consumers don’t trust you and the words you are saying.


Video not only helps to build trust between yourself and your customers but also helps to differentiate your business, creating a competitive advantage. The engineering market is highly competitive and often relies on more old fashioned marketing methodologies. The rise of digital marketing over the last decade is finally beginning to permeate into the world of the engineering marketer though.

Just through integrating video marketing into your marketing mix an engineering firm can redefine its image and set itself aside from the rest. There are many firms that haven’t latched onto video marketing yet, so creating even the most low budget marketing videos could put you way ahead of the curve in your specialism.


Joe Cox writes for Hurricane Media, specialists in engineering video production and medical device animations.


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