FIREFIGHTER KNOWLEDGE, INC. DVD SETPublic education still remains low about the proper use and maintenance of woodstoves, chimneys and clothes dryer vents. With the coldest weather to hit the United States in decades, fires from these appliances are expected to rise.

30-year veteran firefighter Dieter Bove states,“The truth is, that many myths relating to chimney and clothes dryers still exist among the general public and firefighters and insurance professionals who inform the public. Many people don’t understand a chimney is an appliance. We developed a training DVD that was intended for firefighters, but now we are finding that insurance professionals are seeking the same information. There are still many misconceptions about these appliances.”

There is an estimated 25,900 chimney related fires and 2,900 clothes dryer fires resulting in property loss in the millions of dollars every year.

The training is taught by Dieter Bove and was produced by Firefighter Knowledge, Inc. and covers fireplace types, chimney fires and creosote, dryer vent fires, masonry versus prefabricated fireplaces, safe operating guidelines, NFPA codes versus local codes, installation errors that lead to fires, ignition temperature, carbon monoxide issues, blast furnace effect, combustible materials, wildlife in chimneys and vents, proper maintenance, types of firewood, common solid fuel and gas combustion appliance myths and misconceptions, recommended and dangerous hearth products, fire suppression for chimney and fireplace emergencies, positive pressure ventilation and differences between North American and European chimney systems.

“We’re concerned that the drop in temperatures across the Midwest and Northeastern states is going to have people burning more wood, which means they should be aware of how to maintain their appliances,” says Catherine Filarski, producer of the training. There’s no reason anyone should have a chimney or clothes dryer fire that results from improper use. The education is more than just about removing lint and having your chimney cleaned. We provide detailed information that comes from 30 years of experience on the job as a full-time firefighter and CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep that will educate firefighters and insurance professionals. Sharing this knowledge will help save people and property.”

The DVDs are recommended for firefighters, insurance professionals, home construction professionals, Realtors and homeowners.

The 2-DVD set is priced at $89.95 and can be purchased at For more contact Catherine Filarski at 630-544-4200 or via email.

Contact: Catherine Filarski
Phone: 630-544-4200

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