Developer proposes new office zone in Mountain View

The outlined area shows where Calvano Development is proposing a new redevelopment zone in Mountain View

city of Mountain View

The outlined area shows where Calvano Development is proposing a new redevelopment zone in Mountain View

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Calvano Development has big plans for Mountain View — if the developer can get the city to agree.

The San Francisco-based firm proposes a redevelopment zone, called a “precise plan,” for a largely light industrial area just south of Highway 101 at North Shoreline Boulevard. That would allow properties in the area, just south of Google’s sprawling headquarters, to be rebuilt at higher densities.

Calvano Development, headed by longtime real estate investor Mark Calvano, currently “owns or controls” six acres of land in the proposed Terra Bella Precise Plan area, according to his application with the city. (See map for an overview of the proposed plan area). A new precise plan there would allow Calvano to build a modern mid-rise office project of up to 260,000 square feet, according to city estimates.

Traffic is always a concern in Mountain View, but Calvano told me his project makes sense from a traffic perspective because it would keep drivers off of neighborhood streets and include transit infrastructure for shuttles and bikes.

“We plan on adding a dedicated bike and bus transit station. Our project is transit-oriented,” Calvano told me. “Part of the community benefits associated with this is we’d be widening Shoreline and unclogging the bottleneck between South and North Bayshore.”

The Mountain View City Council will consider allocating staff time for Calvano’s request at a meeting later this month.

Mountain View’s North Bayshore, home to the Googleplex, is bursting at the seams, making property nearby attractive to developers. The North Bayshore is currently undergoing a land-use review that is expected to allow the largely low-density office and R&D buildings to be redeveloped with larger footprints.


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