U.S. DOT gives Colorado $30M for road repairs

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx

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The U.S. Department of Transportation will immediately provide another $30 million in emergency relief funds to repair flood-damaged roads and bridges in Colorado.

The DOT last week authorized $5 million in emergency funds for repairs to Colorado. Last week’s flooding destroyed 30 bridges.

“While Colorado begins the difficult work recovering from these devastating floods, we will do everything we can to help restore vital transportation links,” Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said. “We will continue to support the people of Colorado as they confront major disruptions and help them get their roads, bridges and everyday routines back to normal as soon as possible.”

The preliminary damage cost estimate in Colorado is $40 million for roads and $112 million for bridges. Highways 14, 34 and 36 each had 20 miles of damage.

The DOT said $25 million of the newly announced funding will go toward reopening roads, providing detours and protecting damaged structures. The other $5 million will be spent to repair roads and bridges on federally-owned lands in the state, including the Rocky Mountain National Park and the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge.

The federal dollars, which will come through the Federal Highway Administration’sEmergency Relief Program, also will reimburse the Colorado Department of Transportationfor emergency work done immediately after the flooding. Additional funds will be made available as repairs are identified and cost estimates are made.


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