Standing Tall: South Africa’s Monumental Buildings


Commercial property investment in Fourways provides you with extensive choices in the commercial and residential northern hub of Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa, and has a thriving residential and business community. Its infrastructure, which includes shopping centres, entertainment, hospitals and schools, offers a modern and unique design for your own personal or business experience. South Africa’s commercial infrastructure is evidence of our own architectural advancements and constantly proves that we can, indeed, play with the big boys.

Here are ten of SA’s most prized architectural creations:

Gateway Mall

Gateway Theatre of Shopping is considered the largest shopping centre in Africa and the largest in the southern hemisphere.Gateway boasts 18 movie theatres, six Nouveau Cinemas, a playhouse called the Barnyard Theatre, over 70 restaurants, a gym, the highest fountain in Africa, more than 350 stores, the Wave House (in indoor surfing spot) , a theme park called Fantasy Forest, a 4000 sq. metre skate park designed by Tony Hawk and the highest indoor rock-climbing structure in the world.

The Carlton Centre

This skyscraper is located in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa. Standing at an astounding 223 metres, it is the tallest building in Africa. The Carlton Centre has 50 floorswith more than 180 shops – all of which are set below an above-ground public plaza. The Carlton centre is a jostling shopping castle that can easily appeal to the consumerist in any hipster.

Ponte City Apartments

This building is a skyscraper in the Hillbrow neighbourhood of Johannesburg. At a height of 173m, it is the tallest residential skyscraper in Africa. The sign on top of the building is the largest sign in the southern hemisphere and currently advertises Vodacom. Built in 1975, it was the first cylindrical skyscraper in SA.

Jumma Musjid Mosque

The largest mosque in the Southern hemisphere,the magnificent Juma Masjid Mosque overshadows Durban’s central district. Its gilt-domed minarets provide a stunning aesthetic break within its commercial area, and inside the marbled worship hall it presents intricate Eastern elegance.

The FNB Stadium

The stadium, also known by its nickname “The Calabash”, (also known as a bottle gourd, opo squash or long melon) was where Nelson Mandela’s first speech was held after his release from prison. Designed as the main association football stadium for the World Cup and with a capacity of 94,736, the FNB Stadium is officially the largest stadium in Africa – once again showing that South Africa is indeed on top of its game when it comes to commercial architectural development.

University of Cape Town

Voted as one of the most awe-inspiring, beautiful campuses in the world by The Telegraph, UCT stands tall in the ranks of South African buildings. With its dramatic mountainous backdrop, stately architecture and crawling ivy, it can pass for a real-life Hogwarts in Cape Town’s early morning mist. It is South Africa’s oldest university and was founded as a high school for boys in 1829. Between 1880 and 1900, it developed in leaps and bounds to become one of the most renowned universities and buildings in the world.

Andrew, who specialises in commercial property investments in Fourways, is always amazed at the beautiful architecture that surrounds him in both Johannesburg and Cape Town.


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