Do It Yourself Moving Tips To Simplify The Big Day

moving-tipsHire a company or do it yourself – this is the big choice when the time comes to move across town, across the state, across the country or across the world. For some, hiring relocation companies is the only logical choice because of issues such as time and physical health. For others, DIY moving is the only choice due to budget constraints, or just makes more sense because the move is small and local. For a great number of us, though, the choice is not so clear-cut. If you aren’t sure if the effort of doing it yourself is worth it, think about the money you will save, the satisfaction you’ll get from handling it on your own and the peace of mind you’ll get from knowing exactly where your most treasured items are. If this is enough to sway you, the next step is making a plan to ensure the most successful move possible. Here are a few tips to help you plan for moving day.

Get a Truck, and Get Insurance

Chances are you don’t have access to a truck that is large enough to handle a big move. Unless you’re only moving the contents of a small studio apartment, you will be much better off renting a truck or large van. Moving companies typically offer renters the option of additional insurance beyond any coverage they already have, which will cover you even if the entire truck needs to be replaced, and it’s a good idea to get this. The $100 you spend will seem like a bargain if an accident should occur on moving day.

Get to Know the Layout of Your New Home

Your move will go much more smoothly if you know where everything’s going. You may be putting things in different places depending on the layout of the new house, condo or apartment in comparison to your current residence. If there are more rooms, fewer rooms, larger rooms, smaller rooms or other differences, you will more than likely be putting things in different places to fill up the space, renting a storage unit or selling items you no longer have room for. Mapping out the new layout and deciding where everything’s going ahead of time will prevent a lot of nuisance in the end.

Load Your Truck Strategically

Once you have everything boxed and labeled, your next task is to load it into the truck. Professional moving companies use many tricks to make sure they can easily unload and unpack everything without any damage or unnecessary stress. It may seem sensible to load the heaviest items first and put lighter items on top, but this is actually not the best plan according to most pros. Do-it-yourself moving will be much easier if you load the lightest items nearest to the cab, and then gradually pack heavier and heavier items in rows toward the rear of the truck bed. This way, you’ll unload the heavier items first when you have more energy and the lighter items when you’re tired at the end of the day.

Lizzie is a DIY type through and through, but she also understands why others would choose to hire help to undertake major projects like moving. She sees pros and cons to both options, and simply believes that armed with the right information, people will make the choices that best suit them. She hopes she has provided just that information here.


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