Keys To Maximizing A Storage Unit

Self-StorageRenting a storage unit comes in very handy in many situations.  Whether you want to hold on to valuables, but don’t have the space at home, if you have downsized homes, or maybe a child has come back from college for the summer.  Whatever the reason, there are different types and sizes of units available, however, there are also some things to consider when choosing a storage unit.

What types of units are available?

Protect  your valuables in a climate controlled unit.  These units are designed to protect anything from furniture to electronics by cooling in the summer and heating in the winter.  You will also be comfortable if you need to spend any amount of time in your unit.

Humidity controlled units maintain the air regardless of temperatures outside.  Again, from furniture to electronics, you can rest assure that a humidity controlled unit will protect from mold, mildew and corrosion of the valuables that you are storing.

The most common is the traditional style. Much like your garage at home, but also safe and secure.  Just remember when storing in this type of unit, you should use pallets to keep things like furniture off of the floor.

How do you utilize all the space of a unit?

First of all, packing items is very important.  Be sure that you use some type of paper to fill in boxes to prevent items from rolling around and breaking.

Be sure to properly label the outside of boxes as to what the contents are inside.  You may decide you need to use something, and it would be overwhelming to search through multiple boxes!

Breaking down items such as furniture would free up a ton of space in the unit.  Perhaps removing legs from tables and chairs, or setting lampshades and such inside of larger appliances.  You can even store smaller boxes inside of larger items.

Be sure you leave plenty of aisle room.  It can get very aggravating if you have to walk across items or boxes to get to what you need.

Finally, be sure to cover furniture, appliances, pictures, mattresses  and so on with covers to prevent a build up of dust settling on them.

How do you know what size to rent?

As seen on Keyport Storage, units come in a variety of sizes.  It all depends on how much and what you are storing.   For very few items, you might consider a 5×5 unit.  For example, this will hold a chest of drawers with items in it. A 5×15 will hold contents of a small one bedroom apartment.  Storage units also come very large, such as 20×20. These units are limited and generally used by businesses to store office supplies.

Storage units are typically rented on a month to month basis.  Be sure when shopping for a unit that you keep in mind things such as, access hours, ample lighting, what kind of security is onsite, and  is there easy access in and out of the unit?

Storage units have become a booming business in the past couple years, providing people with options for anything they might need.

“The Show Me State” is home to Cindi’s full time profession as a medical coder life as a mom.  She also enjoys devoting time to her writing, whether she is pontificating about eternal truths or self-storage facilities.


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