Summer Preparations For Property Managers

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Isn’t summer everyone’s favorite time of year? As the song tells us, it’s when the living is easy, and many people are out enjoying the long days, the warm weather and activities that just aren’t possible during the fall and winter months.

For property managers, there can be one drawback to that bright summer sunshine. Like turning on the lights in a dim room, the full sun can highlight the items on your repair list, like peeling paint, cracked pool tile, missing roof shingles and rotting deck boards.

This isn’t the kind of spotlight you need on your property at this time of year—statistically the most popular time for people looking to move into a new home. So instead of ignoring the problem spots on your properties and hoping they’ll magically disappear, follow our handy guide. We’ve pointed out some key areas for inspecting, cleaning, testing and replacing, if need be.

Windows And Doors

  • Replace cracked or damaged glass in all windows and doors
  • Check seals and caulk or add weather stripping where necessary
  • Ensure all sliding windows and doors run smoothly in their channels, and the channels are clean of debris
  • Clean all screens and replace any that are damaged, don’t fit or have holes

Storage Areas/Basement

  • Check walls, ceiling and floor for leaks; seal cracks or, if the problem seems serious, call a professional for repair
  • Sort through accumulated boxes, belongings, paperwork and other miscellaneous items. Discard or send to local thrift shop
  • Sort through items such as paint cans, gardening supplies and household/commercial chemicals and discard or ensure proper storage to prevent fire hazards

Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  • Test and replace batteries if needed
  • Ensure each unit has the correct number of working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, as required by law

Porches, Patios And Decks

  • Steam clean and reseal concrete or wood
  • Check railings for stability and safety; repair any that are loose, broken or unstable
  • Check wood floorboards for signs of rot or termites and replace as needed
  • For porches, patios or decks that require structural support, have the caissons or struts checked by a professional
  • Clean, repair or replace outdoor furniture
  • Ensure any shared equipment, like a barbecue or hot tub, is in safe working order
  • Check pool and/or spa for cracks, missing tiles or damage and make repairs
  • Make sure the pool and/or spa has a drain cover that meets the ASME/ANSI A112.19.8-2007 standard (Click here to read the 2008 Pool and Spa Safety Act.)
  • Ensure all safety signage is current and clearly posted

Exterior Walls

  • Inspect siding for any loose or missing panels
  • Repair wall joints and any minor cracks
  • Deteriorating wood finishes should be removed, sanded and refinished
  • Inspect paint and touch up or repaint as needed
  • Check brickwork and repair crumbling or damaged mortar

Exterior Plumbing

  • Inspect sprinkler system and drip feeds for leaks and make repairs
  • Check for sprinkler heads that aren’t working properly or spraying in the wrong area
  • Reconnect any hoses removed for the winter months


  • Replace any missing tiles or shingles
  • Repair any damaged soffit panels
  • Check attic or crawl space for any signs of leaks
  • Clean and repair all gutters
  • Install gutter guards

What’s the benefit to completing all of these pesky tasks? You’ll have a beautiful property thatprospective tenants will fight to be in, and current tenants will be happy to recommend to family and friends. It’s also likely that you’ll head off potential problems when the fall and winter weather rolls in, and it’s always nice to be prepared.


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