Optimizing Your Property Management Facebook Page for Search

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While you shouldn’t focus all of your efforts solely on Facebook, it does make sense to optimize the content posted on your property management Facebook page. Facebook search is linked to keywords within all public posts, profiles, pages, groups and applications but very few are utilizing this opportunity to increase their Facebook SEO (search engine optimization). Facebook, as a referring site, is a major source of traffic to websites. They strive to base results on relevance to the user, which is why they implemented Open Graph. The more information collected from external websites the more useful Facebook search will become.

The most important place to show up within Facebook search is the auto-complete box. The auto-complete box ranks the following pieces of information within a search first:

  • Your name
  • Events you are invited to
  • Friends with keywords within their names
  • Second degree friends (friends of friends) with keywords within their names
  • Questions with keywords
  • Applications you’ve used
  • Groups you’ve joined
  • Pages you have liked
  • Pages related to your interests
  • Pages a friend likes, including number of friends that like the page and total likes of the page

Here are six tips to help you reach the top eight results within the auto-complete box.

  1. Pick your page name and vanity URL wisely. Pick something that adequately represents your brand and that will be easily remembered.
  2. Use keywords in the “about” box and the “overview” section of the info tab. Completing these are very important because the information contained within the text is visible in Facebook search.
  3. Keep your Facebook content relevant and fresh. Automatically feed new blog posts to your Facebook wall. Use keywords within status updates, links, photo’s, video’s, and notes.
  4. Use a custom landing tab on your Facebook page to shape user experience, provide useful information, and implement a clear call to action to become a fan of the page. Utilize keywords within the text, images and links on these custom tabs.
  5. Add the Like button to your website. It is one of the most important social sharing opportunities for driving visibility and linking. The more links to your Facebook page, the better your page will rank in search results.
  6. Last, but most importantly, use the Open Graph API on your website to enable Facebook users to find your website within their search results. When you add Open Graph to your webpages, Facebook categorizes each page and customizes your listing within search results. This is the fastest way to appear closer to the top of Facebook’s search results today.

Not only should you utilize Facebook SEO tactics to increase web traffic and drive sales, but consider it an opportunity to protect your brand name on Facebook by appearing in the search results above fake pages or even ILS ads that frequently appear above a community name during search.


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