How Does A Delivery Company Get Your Goods To You When Your Business Is 15 Floors Up?

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The number of parcels needing to be delivered to addresses in the UK, along with most other countries in the world, is constantly growing. In contrast to the fall in the market for letter delivery, that for package delivery is going in the opposite direction.

And inevitably, many of these deliveries have to find their way to companies and individuals who occupy high-rise buildings.

Difficulties in the City Centre

Anyone who lives or works in a busy city centre will see on a daily basis courier vans wending their way along the busy streets, and parked outside the loading and delivery entrances of the many multi-storey premises which are dotted around every big city.

But the fact that so many of these vans are now entering our cities, and have the job of getting goods safely to their destination, it begs the question, how do their drivers find where they have to get to, and what technology do they have at their disposal to make their jobs easier?

Well, as with anyone whose job involves carrying out regular deliveries in a prescribed area, it will not take them long in the job to get to know the major landmarks on their regular route, as well as the buildings where their most prolific customers can be found.

However, companies, and people in live in high-rise apartments, expect to receive the same to-the-door service as those whose home or business has an entrance on the ground floor. Indeed, under British statute, the current state-owned postal services operator, the Post Office, is obliged to provide a service to every postal address in the UK.

What does a courier need?

Aside from good local knowledge, a courier firm whose patch includes a high proportion of high-rise buildings will also make great use of online company address finder facilities. These will be particularly important when they are charged with a delivery to a company based high up in a many-storeyed building, because if they don’t know the correct address, they could find themselves wasting valuable time needed to carry out deliveries elsewhere.

The company to whom the delivery is bound should have this information available on its own website, while also useful are the property management companies which run many of these city-centre locations, as their facilities management teams will have access to directories of the businesses which occupy their premises.

As I mentioned earlier, getting a delivery to a company based high in the sky right first time is of paramount importance. So another possible source of information for verifying addresses is the company itself. This may sound obvious, but if a business operates from several floors up in a big, central building, then it should do what it can to ensure that its whereabouts are well advertised to help potential clients and those who will have to provide essential services to them.

To a delivery company, every business whose address is on a consignment which it has to deliver is very important. Getting a delivery right could well win it business from both the sender and the recipient. So resourcefulness, technology, and good old-fashioned human initiative all play their parts in ensuring that location doesn’t matter when a package needs to be delivered safely and promptly.

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Guest post contributed by Lauren Belfield, a parcel delivery expert working in the United Kingdom.


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