Trade Business: Why Does Equipment Need Testing?

mqdefault Not only does better equipment mean a well finished job, but bad quality equipment will also entail dangers for both customers and staff members – historically, on occasion leading to devastating consequences.

As a tradesman and business owner nothing is more important than the quality of your work. The more satisfied customers you have, the more work you will get from referrals and your reputation. Trade related businesses are one sector that still depends heavily on word of mouth and recommendations, not so much the internet. When looking for a tradesman, people will ask their family and friends if they know anyone. This means that trust is vital, and you can’t be trusted unless you do a professional job. You need the best professional instruments and equipment to do an efficient job.

Whether old tools/equipment are kept for budget purposes or just sheer bone idleness, the matter of the fact is that they can and will inflict danger on anyone who for any reason comes in contact with the construction site. Not only should it be a necessity  to acquire up-to-date quality equipment but it will also display to both current and potential customers that you are a good standard, self-respecting company.

What’s more, inadequate equipment could lead to mistakes and problems, especially for highly specialist applications. This is where equipment testing comes into play, being able to improve the quality of a certain piece of equipment for a job, as well as giving you peace of mind. In keeping on top of monitoring your workplace apparatus, you’ll be building upon not only the equipment itself, but your company as a whole. All the better for potential customers to take on board.

Here is an example of how a lack of equipment testing will cause errors. You are working on a construction project and you need to measure the humidity of the building being renovated. You use an old humidity data logger and as a result the data you produce isn’t accurate. The inaccuracy, although only small, is enough to set the project back at great expense. It becomes clear that you provided the wrong results. Your reputation is ruined and you lose business off the back of it. If you had tested your equipment and consequently purchased up to date humidity monitoring instruments your original reading would have been highly accurate and there would have been no issues.

Quality test, monitoring, and weighing instruments barely cost a thing to hire, so there’s even more reason to not take risks with your equipment and ensure all projects are being aided by the highest standard most professional instruments.

This article is brought to you from ATP Instrumentation, a leading supplier of data loggers, endoscopes, sound level monitoring and environment meters, with all equipment conforming to high international standards.

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Tim Smallman, the general contractor behind Smallman Construction and Electric, has been in the construction industry for over 20 years. In 2003, Tim decided to leave the corporate world behind and get back to what he loved most about construction: helping his friends, neighbors, and anyone in need achieve their home and business improvement dreams. By founding his company on a principal of customer service, open book bidding, and integrity, Tim has been blessed with a great deal of success. This success has enabled him to expand operations and create an electrical division in 2006. Tim has made San Carlos his family's home for many years. They spend a considerable amount of time supporting their community and striving to make it a great place to live and work. Tim is active in the San Carlos community, coaching youth sports, participating in the Kiwanis Show and the Chickens Ball since 1989, with the proceeds going to the San Carlos Schools and other charitable organizations.

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