6 Ways Seniors Can Enjoy The Outdoors

107080542Being outside is a great way to take in some fresh air and simply get out of the house for a change of scenery. While most of us take getting outside of the house for granted, many seniors are stuck inside their homes with limited access to the outdoors.

But there are plenty of ways that seniors can enjoy the outdoors, and the following are six easy ways.

1. Take a walk.

Simply taking a walk around the block or through the courtyard of an apartment complex is a great way to get outside and enjoy the weather. Plus, walks are a great way to get some much needed exercise. To be safe, you may want to have someone accompany you on your walk. Plus, this way, you can enjoy the outdoors and have some great conversations along the way.

2. Eat outdoors.

When the weather is nice, there are plenty of restaurants that offer outdoor seating. If you are going out to lunch with friends, opt to sit in the patio area instead of inside so that you can enjoy the weather. If you’re not going out to eat, you can always enjoy a meal at home by eating outside on a balcony or patio at your own home or place of residence.

3. Take a trip.

Look at your local community center or any organizations that you’re involved in to see if they are offering any day trips for seniors. Many cities or organizations will create a day group for seniors in a nearby outdoor area, such as a local park or state monument or park. This is a great way to enjoy the outdoors with others your own age.

4. Go to a flea market.

Flea markets are a great way for seniors to enjoy the outdoors and find some much-needed bargains along the way. Some local community centers will offer day trips to nearby flea markets, but you can always schedule a day out with friends on your own too. Most flea markets offer shopping and dining, so you can spend an entire day at the flea market without having to leave for any reason.

5. Take a boat ride.

If you know someone that owns a boat, ask him or her to take you out for a day. You can simply enjoy the sights and being on the water for a day, or you may even take in some fun activities, such as photography or fishing. Boat rides are a great way to spend some time outdoors—just make sure you wear sunscreen to protect you from the sun.

6. Play a game.

There are plenty of games that can be played outdoors. If you’re agile enough, play a game of shuffleboard or backgammon with friends or family. If you’re in a wheelchair or just not very active, you can always bring a deck of cards or some board games outside and play them with friends or family outdoors instead of in the home. If you’re crafty, you can also do some of your crafts outside, such as crocheting, instead of inside the home.

Jessica Brown is a personal caretaker and freelance writer.  She has currently been organizing senior activities & events and sharing her ideas via blogging.


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