How Do I Know When It’s Time to Call Maintenance?

Many apartment residents just aren’t sure when it’s time to place a call to maintenance; some hesitate because something seems like a minor problem, not worth complaining about. In truth, though, it’s to everyone’s benefit to let maintenance know about problems as early as possible. Maybe something minor doesn’t need to be fixed right away, or maybe what you’re experiencing isn’t a problem at all, but the only way to know that for sure is to ask the expert. When minor problems are ignored, they can sometimes turn more serious, creating more problems for you and more work and expense for management down the road. When in doubt, err on the side of reporting the issue—that way, a qualified professional can decide whether repairs are required and management can keep an eye on possible emerging problems and address them as soon as it makes sense to do so.

When do you think it’s time to call maintenance? For more information on maintenance problems, head over to our Landlord & Lease Issues section.


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