In Need Of A New House

A few years ago, we were blessed with another baby. At about the same time, the custody battle with my ex-wife was finally over, so we found ourselves with two new full-time additions to our family. Our three bedroom apartment was fine with just the five of us, but suddenly our five had become seven.

The house we moved into was large enough wired before computers. Most of the light switches didn’t control ceiling lamps, but instead regulated power to light sockets. We didn’t find this out until after we had the family room arranged with my computer, my wife’s computer, and the kid’s computer. My wife turned the light switch off and all of a sudden, every computer in the room shut off.

This was a serious problem. We tried switching the plugs, maybe plugging the computers into different sockets would fix the issue, but to no avail. Every socket in that room was wired to be controlled by a light switch. We knew we’d have to call a professional to come and fix this for us.

Calling a Professional

We had no clue where to start. There is so much information on the internet, with everyone recommending everyone else, we simply couldn’t figure out where to begin. So we called a friend of mine who had a similar problem, and they recommended a professional to us.

When I called, the secretary who answered was very professional. She was knowledgeable both about the electricians who worked for the company as well as the work they did. I could tell that this wasn’t some temp agency hire who could barely man a phone, but instead someone who was intimately familiar with the construction industry.

Getting the Quote

I made the appointment, and was eager to meet the guy. He came to our house at the agreed upon time, and was able to quickly give us an estimation. I wish that the Cable Guy was as prompt and professional as the electrician I had called.

He gave us an official quote and told us that if anything else came up to change the cost he’d talk to us before doing the work, which I wholeheartedly agreed with. My wife and I had heard horror stories in the past of repair guys doing extra work and charging exorbitant prices for stuff that wasn’t approved by the people they were working for.

A Working House

A couple of days went by without us having electricity. We took a mini vacation nearby, so we could come home in case of an emergency. The electrical expert would occasionally call us to give us an update, and after a couple of days we got a call saying he was all finished. We eagerly packed up and came home. I hesitantly plugged my computer in and let it boot up, then turned off the offending light switch that had caused all of these problems.

Nothing happened. The computer stayed on. I eagerly paid the electrician and told him I’d recommend him and his services to everyone.

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By Doug Whittaker

Bio – Doug Whittaker is an experienced writer, and has written thousands of articles on a myriad of topics. He loves to write about home repairs of all kinds, especially the ones where he didn’t have to do anything. He also writes about crafting and cooking and being a stay-at-home dad.


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