What Can You Do With A Garage?

images (4)Surprisingly nowadays, a garage is not just a place for storing your car; it has many more inventive purposes than that. Ask anyone that has a garage and they’ll tell you that that they’re indispensable storage areas that they couldn’t live without and they wouldn’t even consider moving to a house that doesn’t have one.
Garages that were originally intended for one vehicle are much too small to fit a standard modern vehicle into, this has led to many people using their underutilised garage into a practise room for a band, a wood workshop, art studio or even an extra bedroom.
Quite often garages are also used as a party venue for many high school and college parties; a place for the table tennis battles to take place and a comfortable zone for teenagers to play their video games. This may seem like a very one sided affair as the kids get all of the fun in the garage but when you think about the peace that you’ll have in the house, it’s definitely worth the sacrifice.
If your garage isn’t attached to the house then a really popular thing to do is to convert it into an apartment. A lot of people use their conversion as a home for an elderly parent or a grown up child that has had to back home, in order for them to maintain their privacy and their own way of living. However, if you don’t have this type of worry then renting your new development out for a little extra cash always works well too.
Some people prefer to use their garage in a more practical way and store the items that they no longer want in the house. A lot of the time, this is what garages end up being used for – unless they’re much bigger of course – because it’s convenient and it means that people can hold on to belongings for much longer. A lot of the time, the items that are stored in a garage are ones that should have been thrown out long before but people can’t bear to part with them due to their sentimental value, or the fact that they could come in useful in the future.
If all of these weren’t good enough reasons to have a garage, they also add value to your home so when you’ve finished using it for a huge number of purposes someone else can enjoy it too and pay you for the privilege.

John Danes – a garage door designer – says that he couldn’t live without his automatic garage door from rollerdor.com because of the added convenience that it brings to his life.


2 thoughts on “What Can You Do With A Garage?

  1. Great post. Interesting read. I just finished a design-build garage “conversion”, a sweet two-car “garage-mahal”/mudroom. We panalized one wall with beadboard and constructed a pair of custom benchs: One with16 shoe cubbies of various sizes to fit all manner of shoes, a second with a piano-hinged lift-top for storage. The coolest part of the build-out is the reclaimed post and beam firewood storage box with reclaimed barn wood top, sides and back. The box installed under the stairs leading to an above garage apartment. We look forward to future posts.


  2. Great, more ways for condo and HOA owners to usurp important parking spaces for other purposes. It’s a big problem in California homeowner associations. There are never enough parking spaces to begin with!

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