Celebrity Living – Hollywood’s Best Real Estate

most-exepensive-celebrity-homes-soldHollywood is known for a number of things, and one of them is prime real estate. The star-studded city needs property to match the glamorous lives (and the glamorous earnings) of its residents, after all! Wondering what the best of the best are? Here are just a few of Hollywood’s best real estate offerings. Be warned – these properties are not for the modest of mind or price!

6250 Hollywood Boulevard, apartment 11B

We’ll start at the low end of the market here, with this apartment in The Residences at W Hollywood. The building is located on the self-proclaimed world famous intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street.

These residences may not have the fancy features that you’d find in a typical Hollywood mansion, but they try. Unfortunately, the Hollywood home staple, a pool, is missing from the apartment. Well, there’s one on the roof, but you have to share it, so it’s probably not worth it, right? But you get what you pay for. If you’re only going to spend $1,186,504 on a place, you can’t expect too much luxury.

Although it does come with a slave – er, concierge – service. With a staff of 500, they will cater to your every whim, any time of day or night. So, that’s got to count for something.

Westlake Village, Entertainer’s Dream Home

This is more like it! This property has all the basic features: five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a gourmet chef’s kitchen, a redwood sauna and steam room, a temperature-controlled wine cellar, a high-resolution 12-camera surveillance system, a separate wing containing guest quarters. You know, the bare minimum.

But the main feature is the full size, 12 seat theatre complex, complete with a 20-foot screen, a HD DLP projector, Dolby Surround sound and a satellite feed.

At $2,795,000, it’s really quite the bargain.

Bel Air Voguish Contemporary Villa

You’d better like kitchens, because this place is about 20% kitchen. You have the main one, which is apparently a “modern and sleek chef’s kitchen to satisfy the most particular epicurean, with state of the art appliances.”

Outside, there’s a separate guest house with three bedrooms and another kitchen. And don’t forget the kitchen that’s in the pool house, because there’s nothing worse than getting out of your giant pool, and having to trudge all the way across your 9000 square-foot house to the modern, sleek chef’s kitchen in order to satisfy your inner epicurean.

Interspersed between all these unnecessary kitchens, there are also seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms – all for the discounted price of $19.9 million (down from $21 million).

Beverly Hills French Chateau

If you’re going to spend $20 million on a place, common sense says you might as well spend a little bit more and get much better value. For a mere $10 million extra on the previous property, you can buy a house that’s more than three times bigger.

Why settle for seven bedrooms, when here you’ll get seventeen! Still only ten bathrooms though, so that’s a little disappointing.

To make up for that, they’ll throw in a grand ballroom, library, screening room, games room, and a fitness centre, containing an indoor Roman-styled pool, spa, and wet and dry saunas.

All this is on 1.5 acres of land, which includes a grand motorcourt for up to 40 cars, for when you have friends over.

Malibu Ocean View Villa, Plus Car Museum

Maybe you prefer to keep your 40 cars indoors? Well, this might be the place for you!  Sacrificing several bedrooms and bathrooms – we’re down to a meagre 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms – gives the property space for its own car museum.

Situated on almost 2.3 acres of land, there’s plenty of room for driving all those cars around, if you’re careful not to run them into the 62-foot Italian styled pool or the 18-foot spa in the backyard.

And while driving, don’t get distracted by the breath-taking views of the Malibu coastline either. It’s probably safer to just leave the cars as ornaments there in your private car museum. For just under $40 million, you could either buy this place, or just about every piece of real estate . Probably.

Bel Air – Chateau Fleur De Lys

Now we’re getting to the business end of the market. Little is known about the Chateau Fleur De Lys, as the ad tells us to call the agent for more details. The only things we do know are that it was built in 2002, and that it’s for sale. Oh yeah, and if you’re interested, it comes with a hefty price tag of $125 million.

If you had a spare $125 million lying around, you could buy a Hawaiian island, a small African nation, and probably still have enough left for that modest $1.2 million apartment on Hollywood and Vine.

Michael Irvingwould like to buy a Hollywood mansion with pools and cinema rooms, but it’s a little outside his price range. Instead, he’s been browsing real estate in Cranbourne North that’s currently for sale.


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