When The Money Runs Out – Getting What You Need


When we have the money we are able to get pretty much what we want and pretty much when we want it. Whether it is food, electronics, nights out or something for the home there is virtually nothing that money cannot buy. This is all very well but the vast majority of us do not have endless reserves of cash to dip into whenever we wish to make a purchase and when the money does inevitably run out, things will get a little more difficult. If you do run out of cash though there may still be some ways for you to get what you need.


Some kind words and a smile can go a surprisingly long way and with a little charm and wit you may be able to convince somebody into giving you what you want. Some people are seemingly able to go through life very blessed with the ability to be simply given whatever they like and with some coaching and a little practice you may be able to also sweet talk your way into getting what you want. Remember though that even the most enigmatic of people would begin to meet with some resistance should they take advantage of their charm too much and it will not be effective all the time and not on all people. Use your charm only when you need it most and it could be something you can always fall back on whenever you need it most.

Use Jedi Mind Tricks

Luke Skywalker would never have a problem getting what he wants. He’d just use the force to convince somebody they should obey a request whether it is for a pint of milk, a cash advance or suggesting that his droids are not the ones being looked for. However, as far as we know ‘the force’ can only be found in a galaxy far, far away but some people on earth still have some amazing powers of persuasion that could have you thinking they are a Jedi knight. NLP is a surprisingly powerful technique that is very effective at manipulating somebody’s mind that could be very helpful on shopping trips but that is not to say that illegal activities should be condoned. If you are in a tight spot and somebody is being unfairly difficult then some NLP skills may be justified to help achieve a fair result. Remember also that if you do use the force for evil purposes then you are crossing over to the dark side and it won’t be long before you are learning the ways of the Sith.


If there is something you need and you can’t get a cash advance to pay for it, you could try working for it instead. Perhaps if you offer to help out around the home or maybe in the local shop then somebody may be willing to give you what you need in exchange. Helping out could mean anything from hard labour to helping out with the shopping or giving somebody a lift somewhere. If you have run out of money and you need to buy something, perhaps a little elbow grease could get you just what you want.

Ask a Favour

If you do need help then most people should be able to find the help they need from friends and family. Most friends and family are likely to be more than happy to do a favour for you and perhaps you could even call in a favour that some owes you. A favour could range from anything from a cash advance to get what you need or maybe a place to stay if you need a roof over your head. As with charming your way to what you want, however, remember that taking advantage will not be appreciated and you may well find that people become less willing to help you out. Instead, ask for a favour only when you really need it and make sure that you repay the favour at every opportunity.

For whichever reason you may have ran out of money it can be quite a stressful experience as you worry about how you are going to get the things that you need. Remember though that with a little charm, a bit of elbow grease and some mind control powers you could get exactly what you need after all.

Bob Emerald has over two decades experience in the small loan market and creates cash advance products that help people to meet their short term financial goals.


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