Active Adult Retirement Communities. Designed To Enjoy!

showcase1r9hhgBaby Boomers all over the country are retiring at the rate of 10,000 per day!  When retirees make a decision as to where they would most enjoy their well-deserved time of fun and relaxation, Texas ranks 7th in the nation as one of the top-ten hotspots for active, healthy people who are 55 years and better.

There are 297 Active Adult Retirement Communities in Texas.  The words, ‘Active/Adult’, refer to individuals who are no younger than 55 who have energetic, independent lifestyles thanks to good health coupled with very secure finances.

Differences In Retirement Communities:

Retirement communities are as varied as the lifestyles and needs of the residents.  Active Adult Retirement Communities remain on the upscale end of the retirement community spectrum where lovely homes and vibrant lifestyles are the rule.

Another type of retirement community is Independent Living.  Here, residents usually live in apartment-like settings where secure, maintenance-free living, combined with organized activities such as exercise classes, live entertainment and movie outings, make life pleasant, interactive and free of concern.

Assisted Living, another type of retirement community, focuses on meeting more of the residents’ personal needs with 24-hour staffing, housekeeping, meals, and assistance with personal and daily activities.

Other types of retirement communities throughout Texas, too numerous to mention, are available, as well.   The information here, however, will focus on Active Adult Retirement Communities.

Active Adult Communities—Oh,The Luxuries!

Those in Texas, who live in  Active Adult Retirement Communities, enjoy the extravagances which abound!  Each unique enclave offers an array of facilities and niceties such as wooded home sites, scenic fishing ponds, wooded trails, beautiful clubhouses with exercise/sauna rooms, gated enclosures, swimming pools, lighted fountains, and 18-hole, championship golf courses, to name only a few!

What Are The Community Homes Like?

Depending on the community you choose, homes can be move-in ready or custom built to meet your personal tastes and lifestyle.   Some communities are designed to be smaller and more private with only 45 homes within the parameters, while other communities are very spacious and have several hundred or more homes.

Sizes and prices of homes vary.   All the residences are stunning, with professionally- manicured lawns adorned with exquisite personal touches.  In Aubrey, Texas for example, a lovely retirement community offers homes from 1200 square feet up to 2440 square feet.  A retirement community in Fairview, Texas offers homes up to 3500 square feet.

Prices, of course, vary according to the community, as well.  The Aubrey, Texas community has surprisingly affordable homes from $150,000 to $200,000 while impressive homes in a Lewisville, Texas retirement neighborhood range from $300,000 to $445,000.

Who Qualifies For Active Adult Retirement Communities?

As mentioned earlier, adults who are at least 55 years of age who are physically healthy and financially secure can choose to retire in Active Adult Retirement Communities.  These individuals may or may not be employed since official ‘retirement’ is not a pre-requisite.  Most of these savvy seniors, however, are retired, and are anxious to fully enjoy  those niceties of life that have kept them young all along–golf, swimming, biking, fishing, jogging, hiking, tennis etc.

Active Adult Retirement Communities in Texas rank among the best in the world!  Because these communities are located in a variety of settings—from rural ranches to urban centers—as well as catering to a plethora of interests and hobbies, coupled with exquisite beauty and serenity, those who are fortunate enough to live in these surreal surroundings are privileged, indeed!

Ms. Burgin is a retired teacher in the mid-west who now writes part-time.  One of the topics she writes about is Texas retirement communities.


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