Love in the Leasing Office


Love is in the air and wants to share with you the results of a recent survey about the love life and dating behaviors of renters. More than twenty one percent of our survey respondents say that they’ve been in a relationship with someone they met while living in the same apartment building and about one in ten renters has had a romantic relationship with a roommate.

Although most people shy away from dating someone in such close proximity, three percent of survey respondents actually met their spouse while living in the same apartment building. A survey respondent said, “I met my husband in April of 1996. On my first day on the job at a large apartment complex, he came in to see apartments. He came back the next day and was my first rental. Now we are married and have 2 kids.” In addition to actual dating, more than sixteen percent currently have a secret crush on someone that lives in the same apartment building and more than twenty four percent state they have had a crush on someone who works at their apartment community.

Fifty-nine percent of renters aren’t very optimistic about dating close to home and don’t think it’s a very good idea. One renter replied, “It’s not a good idea to date someone who lives in your apartment building or complex (unless it is a large complex and there is no chance you would see each other that much) because if it ends badly you would have to endure seeing that person all the time and possibly see them with a new boyfriend or girlfriend.”

Hooking up with someone who lives in your same apartment building can be too close for comfort for some people, after all, you share the same address and even the same mailroom. While the convenience factor is appealing, the awkward run-ins in the laundry room while sorting through dirty clothes can often be too uncomfortable to bear,” says Sarah Preston, a relationship expert and writer for and Chicago magazine. She offers the following advice for those considering dating someone within the same building or apartment complex:

  • If knock, knock, knockin’ on your neighbor’s door can be kept discreet, go for it. But don’t be surprised when your doorman is telling other tenants he saw you two canoodling in the corridor.
  • A fun affair down the hall can be the easiest kind of fling but please keep your hands to yourself in the common areas to avoid embarrassing looks in the elevator.
  • If you have a crush on someone who lives in your building, the likelihood of running into that person around the building is better than bumping into him/her at one of the zillions of bars in your city. Figure out his/her schedule and linger around the lobby when you know he/she’s coming home from work. Be friendly, hold the elevator, and make sure you look cute that day.
  • Prepare yourself for when the relationship goes sour, because you’re likely to see your ex with another love interest at some point. Breakups are hard; breakups when you have to see each other every day are a nightmare.

Tell us about your Leasing Office Romance!


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