Top Tips To Remodeling Your Property



When remodeling your home there are various places to start. Here we outline top tips to remodeling different areas of your property.

Roof And Guttering

If it is a complete renovation we would suggest starting with the most important and often forgotten part of a property the roof and guttering. As these are out of site they can be easily overlooked. If your roof and gutters are in poor condition they can expose your home to vast amounts of unwanted water and cause untold damage which often goes unseen until it’s too late. If left untreated the damage can become expensive to repair replacing roof rafters, ceilings, internal plaster and even the mortar between your brick work.

Invasive Work

We would then suggest invasive jobs such as re wiring the electrical circuits, re plumbing the central heating system as both these will require lifting floor boards and chasing out walls. Then if you need new external doors or windows fit these.


The next job would be to plaster any walls or ceilings that may need it whilst patching up chases and missing plaster from the previous jobs. There a few different degrees of plastering from simply skimming over the existing plaster to taking the walls back to the original brick and either plaster boarding or hard walling the first is usually the cheapest option.

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms are usually the most costly part of renovating a house, they don’t have to be though as there are various ways of getting that designer look in your kitchen or bathroom without spending designer money.

For the bathroom we suggest buying plain bathroom suites available from £199 and dressing them up with nice taps and tiles. You can get end of line tiles from £5 per m2 which would normally cost £50 per m2. The Internet is also a great place to find fancy looking bathroom taps to give your plain bathroom suite that upmarket look. Once these are all in place you could have spent less than £1000 on materials.

Kitchens again shop around you will find most kitchen companies do the same styles but the prices can differ vastly. If you are looking for something at the low end of the pricing bracket we have fitted the Wickes takeaway range kitchens or the B & Q I.T range both of which come flat packed. These again can be dressed up with expensive looking tiles and taps to create the illusion of an expensive kitchen. At the other end of the spectrum you can have a bespoke kitchen made up from Mdf or solid wood. The latter being the most expensive option.


The part that is usually left till last is the garden area. This can be done to suit most budgets. Turfing is the cheapest way to cover large areas. Decking and paving being the most expensive, although you can get lots of different types of paving with different price tags. Starting with pressed concrete slabs or block paving from £10 per m2, natural Indian sand stone can be purchased from £20, granite £40 and york stone paving can be £50-£70 per m2.

Richard Barton is a owner of RB Building And Landscaping


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