Worst Interior Design Crimes

artexLet’s face it – we’re all nosy when it comes to other people’s houses and we love seeing how people have decorated and what sort of furniture they have. It’s part of the huge appeal of property improvement programmes or those moving houses programmes which always seem to be on Channel 4 in the evenings. We love nothing better than seeing other people’s DIY disasters and a hideously outdated house makes us feel better about our magnolia walls and rather 1980s wallpaper. A recent survey highlighted the worst DIY “crimes” of the last few decades. Own up, how many of these feature in your house?

Built In Bar

This is one style which should have been firmly left in the 1970s. During that decade many of us built wooden or fake leather bars into our homes, thinking they looked great. The style was more Del Boy than upmarket, and although most bar owners have come to their senses and ripped them out years ago, many houses up and down the UK still have bars lurking in the corner of the living room. If you’re one of them and are thinking of selling your house at any time in the near future, get rid of the bar quick smart.

Artex and Woodchip

When decorating is more about covering up uneven walls or dodgy efforts at wallpapering from previous owners, artex and woodchip covers a multitude of sins. Swirled artex plaster is a nightmare to remove as it needs to be thoroughly sanded down and then skimmed over the top with a new layer of plaster, and if you’re thinking about removing woodchip wallpaper you’ll need endless patience, lots of warm water, good quality wallpaper scrapers and lots of help. The mere thought of all the work puts people off houses which are artex-ed and woodchipped to the hilt.

Black Ash Furniture

Nowadays it’s all about good quality oak living and dining furniture, but back in the 1980s and 90s you would only be fashionable with black ash tables and chairs. This look has dated very quickly as tastes have changed and you’d struggle to shift black ash items even at the car boot sale. If you’ve still got some 80s black ash items that are of reasonable quality they can be painted to update the look, or simply bite the bullet and ditch them for some modern oak dining furniture instead.

Coloured Bathroom Suites

What were we thinking? Back in the 1970s and 1980s we flocked to the bathroom stores in our droves, demanding bathroom suites in lurid shades like avocado green, pink and brown. Tiles had to match of course, so there are still thousands of bathrooms up and down the UK resplendent in shades of sludgy green and brown. Updating a bathroom suite doesn’t have to be expensive, but you’ll need the skills of a plumber to do the job properly and professionally. And when you’re shopping for your new bathroom, don’t consider any colour other than basic, standard, classic white.

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Guest article by Morag Peers written for National Furniture UK, where you will find a great ranges of quality Oak dining furniture, and don’t worry, none of it’s in the black ash style!


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