The Vintage Look

top_pskzt_wgd7mSome fashions come and go, but alongside this there is always style. Items with style are unaffected by the passage of time. They retain their appeal no matter what the decade.

This is increasingly being acknowledged and nowadays the smarter folk are striving for style in every aspect of their lives. This is reflected by the growing demand for products that are referred to as ‘vintage’. The word was originally associated with wine – as is obvious when you see that ‘vin’ is part of it – but it is increasingly being used to refer to everything from clothes to furniture.
Vintage clothing
Vintage clothing incorporates a wide range of looks. In short, anything associated with a particular era can be considered ‘vingtage’. It doesn’t need to be a certain age – there are shops selling Nineties clothing in this way, although the Sixties and Seventies are generally more popular with customers.
They don’t have a monopoly on sales, however. Eighties clothing has been enjoying a resurgence in recent years and classic looks from even further back have their fans too. For some people, it is about having clothes of a certain cut and design; for others, it is about finding clothes which look worn and aged; or it could just be about having the right TV or film reference on a T-shirt. ‘Vintage’ means different things to different people, but it is always about looking good.
Vintage furniture
We have been through an era where furniture has become remarkably cheap, but there seems to be a little bit of a reaction to that. Affordable flat-pack furniture can be sleek and modern, but it doesn’t have much character about it and that is vintage furniture offers in abundance.
Whereas laminate furniture immediately shows its true value when damaged, traditional, handmade pieces improve with a bit of wear and tear. This is what people look for now to the extent that many pieces are artificially aged in order that they are more appealing to people. Done well, the scuffs and chips can add a little something, but more often than not, they look feeble and artificial. It is hard to accelerate time, even with the right tools.
Old furniture has unmistakeable class, but there is a way of producing new furniture which looks just as good – through the use of reclaimed materials. Reclaimed wood has aged naturally and to this can be added period accessories. A robust, oak door can be decorated with an antique door knob and knocker and the effect would be to instantly create a door with timeless style.

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