How To Combat Cold Laminate Flooring This Winter

ar132776275447592Laminate flooring has become very popular in the UK in recent years with huge growth thanks to companies such as Amtico and Karndean. The attraction is often the durability and cleanliness of laminate, especially for those parents with young children who will dread getting food on the carpet every time they feed their child. But not only for those reasons as laminate flooring is no longer just strips of wood, there are many different designs now that give a huge amount of choice, such as laminate that looks like tiles but which gives you the obvious savings cost and reduces time and mess when being put in. It also offers more durability than lino.
The downside of having laminate flooring in the UK is the cold winters. It sometimes doesn’t seem as appealing as carpet when it’s really cold. There are solutions, however.
Under Floor Heating
Under floor heating is a perfect solution and if you have it or have experienced it, it certainly takes away any issues of having cold feet in the winter. It’s perfect for laminate or tiled flooring in the bathroom, kitchen or throughout your house or apartment and can be set to a timer, just as with your normal heating. It is a real treat when you get out the shower. The issue, however, is the cost of installing it followed by the expense of running it through the winter as well. It will most likely increase those heating bills, which are increasing at a rate of knots anyway. But if you can afford it, then go for it.
The other option is to lay rugs down. There are many different types and sizes of rugs for all requirements, such as hall runners for landings and hallways. Shaggy and sheepskin rugs are very popular during the winter because they are warm and cosy on your feet and so great for the bathroom or your bedroom. You can even get rugs that can be machine-washed, so if that kid’s plate does end up upside-down on your rug then it’s easily sorted. Rugs come at different prices depending on the quality. This doesn’t mean the thickness of the rug, as many people think. Thin rugs can be high quality as well.
For a quick, temporary solution, you can always buy a pair of slippers to keep those feet nice and toasty warm. That way you can walk on any flooring.

Alan Simpson writes on behalf of Rugs Centre.


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