5 Steps To An Organized Kitchen




Let’s face it. Life has always revolved around the kitchen. It’s the room where we gather with family, entertain our friends, and hone our culinary talents into sharpened tools that even Emeril Lagasse would be proud of. The downside to all of this is that we spend so much time in the kitchen that it can become cluttered and disorganized rather quickly. Here are some simple home improvement steps that will help you remove some of the clutter and put your kitchen back into top-shelf condition once again.

Group Everything In Your Kitchen.

An easy way to start your kitchen / home improvement project is to separate and organize your kitchen supplies into the following categories. Once you have organized everything into its respective category, you will know just how much space you should allocate for each. Additionally, you will also be able to combine things like flour, sugar, spices or discard outdated items.

  • Cookbooks & Recipes
  • Canned goods
  • Spices & dry ingredients like flour, sugar, etc.
  • Wet ingredients such as vinegar, oil, etc.
  • “Boxed” goods like cereals, mixes, etc.
  • Pots and pans
  • Utensils
  • Dishes & Cups
  • Linens
  • Cleaning Supplies

Get The Tools To Get Organized.

Simply tossing everything into a drawer simply won’t cut it. That is why you need to invest in some of the following tools that will help your kitchen stay permanently organized.

  • Cutlery Trays for your silverware
  • Plastic containers/Tupperware for dry goods
  • Utensil holders or drawer trays
  • Plate racks so that you can store dishes vertically
  • Knife Blocks or magnetic wall strips for cutlery
  • Shelf organizers or hanging hooks to store pots/pans for easy access
  • Baskets for storing fresh fruits & vegetables

Start Organizing!

Once you’ve grouped everything together and determined the specific organizational tools you need to get your kitchen organized, it will be time to put everything in its place. When you get to this step in the home improvement process, it’s always a great idea to store like items near one another and create “activity zones.”

For instance, cookware and cooking utensils should be stored near one another in your “cooking zone”, while dry goods such as flour, mixes, and spices should be stored together in your “food preparation zone.” Since each cook is different, it is a good idea for you to sit down before you start storing everything away and determine how many zones you need, but a good rule of thumb is that you will always need a preparation, cooking, cleaning, and storage zone to stay organized.

Take Advantage of Technology

The modern era is full of gadgets and programs galore to help you manage every aspect of your life. Many chefs have discovered that these tools can also be used very effectively in the kitchen. Indeed, it is becoming an increasingly popular trend to use spreadsheets, digital notepads, and other tech tools when managing kitchen inventory such as spices, mixes, and canned goods. By keeping track of exactly what is in your kitchen, you’ll know exactly how often you use certain items, what you need to buy when you go shopping, and when you need to buy it.

Stay Organized

Ultimately, by this stage in the process you should be pretty well organized and your kitchen should look like something even Martha Stewart would be proud of. By grouping together your kitchen items, assigning everything an activity zone, and acquiring the organizational tools to keep your kitchen organized you will be well on your way. However, it’s important to keep on top of things and check your cupboards at least once a month so that you stay organized.

Image by Rubbermaid Products and licensed through Creative Commons.

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Paul Benjamin works for EZ Storage, a company providing self storage for over 40 years.


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