Choosing A Garage Door

Sectional-type_overhead_garage_doorThere’s a lot of consideration that should go into choosing a garage door and it’s really not as easy, quick and simple as you may first think. The finished garage can either make a house look great or it can really detract from its appearance. Garages have the capability to add to the value of your home but they have to look right in order for them to do so. When you’re considering a replacement garage door, or may be even building a garage from scratch, you really need to consider the finished product before you start. If you’re building from scratch then you should make sure the style of the garage fits with the style of your home, because if you live in a stone house and you build a garage from brick then it won’t look great. Before you build you should consider the materials but before you choose a door you have to consider the material, the colour, design – i.e. whether to have windows or not.
The first thing you should do is assess the style of your home, for example, if you live in a traditional home then a wooden garage door with windows will look great. You may want to have a look at your neighbours’ homes to see what style of garage they have chosen and whether or not it fits in well with its surroundings. Bear in mind that although your garage door should be attractive and fit in well with the rest of your home, it certainly shouldn’t take attention away from the rest of the home.
You should consider the door that’s right for you; take a look at your existing door – if you have one – and consider ways it could be improved. Do you have a door that swings out when it opens? If so, could you benefit from the extra space that a sectional roller door could provide you with?
You should think about the maintenance that the door you choose will require and how much time you will be able to devote to that maintenance. If you’re a busy business man then a metal door would definitely be the best choice as they don’t require any maintenance other than washing and making sure the springs and tracks are well oiled. Wooden doors on the other hand will require oiling of the springs and tracks as well as painting, varnishing and weatherproofing at least once a year.

This article was written by Gary Fielding on behalf of Rollerdor.


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