Child-Proofing In Your Home: A Brief Overview

childproofingChildren are the pride and joy of nearly all parents, regardless of how much time, attention, care and effort is put in when raising them. Children are spectacular, amazing and unpredictable things – especially in their early years, but due to their almost erratic nature, it is essential that parents  provide the most secure and safe environment for their kids to grow up in. A busy family household with young children should be altered and modified to hide the dangers that can often lie around the house for young ones.

‘Child-proofing’ (or ‘baby-proofing’) is a term that refers to proactively making a young child’s objects or environment as safe as possible. This can involve anything from placing childproof catches on cupboards (to protect heavy pans etc falling out and injuring small children) to covering electrical sockets (so metallic objects can’t be shoved in and consequently electrocute the child).

The main thing that will ultimately need child-proofing in any new parents home is often the floor. Some parents will focus so hard on the obvious dangers, like sharp edges and glassware, yet forget about the one thing they will be crawling around on all day! Hard floors made from stone, tiles or hardwood are the most unforgiving for a child, while a beautiful clean cream carpet will also be hugely susceptible to damage at the hands of infants.

Child Safe Flooring Options

Even if you have already decided that you are going to fence off the hard surfaces and keep your child in a secured pen, it is well-worth considering implementing childproof flooring, because as I’m sure you know by now, young children can be defiant and adventurous little things.

Most people find that laminate is the easiest and most effective way to childproof their home as it is cheap, easy to lay (and remove) and will survive most mess and spillages. Laminate also provides a small amount of cushioning as well.

Top tip: Choose a dark colour as it will hide the mess better!

Other types of childproof flooring include inter-locking foam tiles, cork and rubber. Whilst foam tiles are fine for the children’s bedroom, it may not suit your lounge’s decor. Cork and rubber flooring are also not so easy on the eye, which is why laminate is often the winner.

Other Child-Proofing Tips

Anti-slip mats:Anti-slip mats are a great way to childproof all the rooms in the house without obviously compensating on the decor. Apply anti-slip pads to the corners of the mats and rugs in your home to prevent your little one taking a slide.

Screens:Don’t forget to cover your fireplace and hot radiators with protective screens. These are great as they stop investigative fingers and hands from being burnt or getting stuck.

Tidy up those cables:If you have loose cables on the floor of your home, your child will soon find them. To avoid unwanted accidents, clip your cables together using a cable-tie or encase them in cable-housing plastic.

As a top UK supplier, Green Apple Flooring can advise parents on all available child-friendly flooring options.


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